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Heron November 26th, 2008 04:21 PM

Escape The Fate "The Flood" Contest
This is your chance to perform "The Flood" live, on stage, with Escape The Fate at their December 13th show in Las Vegas, NV at the House Of Blues

Escape The Fate are asking you to upload your video performance of the song "The Flood".

Based on fan's comments, vocal accuracy and showmanship, Escape The Fate will pick the winner.

This is what is up for grabs:

Round trip ticket to Las Vegas for you and friend (or for Parent / Guardian if under 18)
One night hotel accommodations
$50 spending cash
Meet and greet with the band
Watch the concert from the side stage
During "The Flood" perform on stage

All of this is being brought to you by Rockstar Energy Drinks and imeem


You must be a registered member of imeem. If you are not already registered, visit IMEEM - what's on your playlist? to register for free.

1. Download the instrumental version of "The Flood" by clicking here - IMEEM - what's on your playlist?_

2. Video tape yourself singing over the instrumental track

3. Lyrics are provided for you here - "The Flood" Lyrics Post on IMEEM

4. Add Escape The Fate as a "friend" here - Escape The Fate Music Profile on IMEEM

5. Join the Escape The Fate Fans Group here - Escape The Fate Fans Community on IMEEM

6. Upload your Video to the Escape The Fate Fans Group

Now you are officially entered.

You will see your video here -
Escape The Fate Fans' Music, Video, Photos, Playlists, Polls and Battles on IMEEM

Judging is based on:

Vocal accuracy
The video with the highest number of plays, comments and ratings!

Once you have your video posted be sure to share with your friends and embed your video all over the web.

Contest ends DEC. 5th

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 12:21 PM.

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