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AltSounds is an international alternative online music community. By ‘Alternative’ we don’t mean ‘Alt Rock,’ we mean it as its technical definition - Alternative to the mainstream. It’s about having a choice, both in music and where you go to hear it. At AltSounds, we have designed a community that gives listeners a place to find the best new music available in an environment that works for them and with them. For artists, we have developed a place to be heard. Where others might ignore you, we promote you. For labels, we offer an outlet to help promote all your artist and bands and are always looking to forge more relationships with labels to run giveaways, exclusives and anything else to help promote your music to a large focused audience with incredible ease. We have seen what else is out there and decided it wasn’t good enough. Other sites do not satisfy all of our needs as fans, musicians, and promoters of new music. We needed a site that could do it all without costing fans money, crashing regularly and sounding like shit, and the only way to get it was to build it ourselves.

AltSounds is committed to providing the best possible service to artists, labels and especially musical fans and listeners by making the site wholly interactive and constantly fresh. We encourage fans to express themselves through the site by getting involved with often heated musical opinion conversation. We create our own original content and offer our expert opinions on various facets of music, as well as collect the most important and entertaining content available online. We bring the fans exactly what they want, and gather it into the most functional and visually appealing music site on the internet.

There is no other site like AltSounds, as we are the first to fully understand what it means to be a fan, be a musician, and work in the biz. We have a created a site from that perspective and know you will love it. Every single person working at AltSounds.com is doing so for the love of music alone which allows for a truly unbiased opinion that is focused on the thing that matters most....the music.

Welcome to AltSounds.com!

What is The AltSounds Massive?

Everything for Everyone, no holds barred.

The AltSounds Massive will always bring you the Hottest Music News from around the Globe, The Definitive Verdict on the Newest Music Releases, detailed info and conversation with the world's biggest musicians and artists and offer first-hand experience from a Multitude of Live Shows around the globe.

Mix that with the Lowdown on the Gear you need to get the most from your Sound System and the Musical Gadgetry you might need to take your band to the Next Level. Throw in a Giveaway or two, and there you have it, The Altsounds Massive; The Complete Edition – Warts & All.

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Since its inception in 2004, AltSounds has been the leading voice in independent music journalism, approaching journalism unlike any other outlet and breaking all supposed boundaries, AltSounds has developed a loyal following of more than 1 million unique visitors each month.

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The AltSounds Staff

Find out more about the people that make AltSounds tick over like a beautifully oiled engine!

Chris "MUG5" Maguire

Managing Editor
Jack Stovin

Senior Editor
Ffion Davies

News Editor
Nuno Ferreira

Reviews and Features Editor
Glen Walsh

Director of Social Media
Huw Hopkins

Label and PR Relations Liason
Katja Ogrin

Editorial Contributors
Alex Easton
Candice Haridimou
Helena Cole
Lauren Mullineaux
Nyomi Williams
Sam Hardy
Jen Darmafall
Alex Taylor
Jeremy Monroe
Joe John Gray
Alex Zielski
Huw Hopkins
Adam Robertshaw
Serena Butterworth

Photography Contributors
Carolina Faruolo
Sarah Doone
Lauren Glennon
Stephanie Webb
Jemma Dodd
Laura Harvey
Amanda Kingston Lynch
Katja Ogrin

Lauren Milner
Jeanne Naylor
Ben Graham
Lauren Stafford
Larry Bartleet
Jack Richardson
Jacob Wyatt
Amy Stirling (Photographer)

Work For AltSounds

Looking for New Members...Join The AltSounds Massive

It started with a feeling. The One. The reason you can’t sit still. Indefinable- yet completely undeniable. That rush in your bloodstream comes from Music. It will make you taller, take on the world, transcend the everyday and leave the world waiting in your wake.

Yours is the cause that should be championed. For too long the Music Press has congested itself with the weight of the mundane. But You have the spark, You have the opinion that matters and we want it to spread like wildfire…

The AltSounds Massive is growing stronger each day. We stand for Independent Music Journalism – For The People, By The People and we are constantly on the lookout for those with the fire inside to join our cause.

We’re looking for the innovators- Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers – all with that desire to push the envelope further than before. Your Passion is great music, and so is ours. We want You to be The Revolution.

If you have what it takes to get Your Voice out there, get in touch with one of our Editorial Team and become the latest Prospect ready to show the world what really counts.

Join The AltSounds Massive and set the Sonic Noisescape ablaze!

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