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Alina Pascau - Interview

Alina Pascau - Interview

"I think in life you should try everything, so Iím trying singing. Iím trying acting. "

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire October 13th, 2008.

Altsounds: You became an overnight sensation as a model, are you hoping to accomplish the same success as a singer?
Alina Puscau: If Iím lucky and people love me. In many ways it depends on me and trust me, I want that but it also depends on if people like my music.

Altsounds: What did you aspire to be as a child?

Alina Puscau:
I wanted to become a singer and an actress. When I was a child, I would put on my momís clothes and sing in the mirror. Itís like when you grow up, you change your mind all the time. The only mind I had was to be a singer and an actress.

Altsounds: Which artist has influenced you the most?

Alina Puscau:
I grew up on Madonna and Michael Jackson and consider them the biggest influences. I admire Mariah Carey because sheís a living legend and sheís amazing.

Altsounds: How did the transition from model to singer take place?

Alina Puscau:
I did a song that Brett Ratner liked and he knew my producer and he asked me to do a song for his movie Rush Hour 3. I did ďEverybody Likes Me,Ē and it helped to open the door for me making an album.

Altsounds: Are you still modelling and which career is more important to you?
Alina Puscau:
Yeah, Iím still modelling and singing is more important right now. The way I accomplished modelling, I want to accomplish singing. I think in life you should try everything, so Iím trying singing. Iím trying acting.

Altsounds: 'When You Leaveí ďNuma NumaĒ the fist single from your album was remixed by the notorious Swedish DJ/artist Basshunter, how did this come about?
Alina Puscau:
I decide to use the song because the group is from Romania. I talked to my record company to ask if it would be OK. But, it was my final decision and I met Basshunter here and he said he wanted to mix the song.

Altsounds: Your album is very eclectic, there are reggae-Ton, house, down tempo and dance influences, what is your favourite genre of music?

Alina Puscau:
I like Hip-Hop, Pop, I like everything. I enjoy many different sounds especially if it puts me in a great mood. Thatís why my album is different, because I want people to enjoy the different sounds of the music and all my songs are very real. Every song is something special. The first single, it makes you really happy, it can put you in a great mood and make your day.

Altsounds: What artist would you like to do a collaboration with and why?
Alina Puscau:
I donít know thereís so many. At my top I would say Kanye West because heís very smart, heís a producer, and he knows to make people laugh. His last album was amazing.

Altsounds: What is your favourite album at the moment?

Alina Puscau:
I would have to say Lil Wayne. I like rap a lot and I dance to it all the time. I like the T.I. album that came out a week ago and Katy Perry.

Altsounds: Which producer would you love to work with and why?
Alina Puscau:
Kanye West and Timbaland.

Altsounds: Some of your favourite songs of all time such as "Not Gon'Cry" by the R&B diva Mary J Blige, "Sweetest Thing" by the notorious Lauryn Hill, "We belong Together" by the legendary Mariah Carey and "Lately" by Jodeci are R&B tracks however this influence does not transpire on your album, any reasons why??
Alina Puscau:
Yes, these are some of my favorites, but this is my first album and I wanted to keep a certain theme on it. I worked with many people from Romania on the album and I wanted Everybody Wants Me to touch on my love for Romania because Iím proud to be from there.

Altsounds: Are you planning a tour in the near future?
Alina Puscau:
Yes of courseÖ I canít wait. Iím planning to go to Europe actually because I come from Europe.

Altsounds: Most of the songs on your album are romantic at heart and promote meaningful aspects of life such as love, health, family and friends. How did you manage to keep so grounded in such a superficial industry (fashion and sometimes music too)??

Alina Puscau:
I come from a super family and l have gone through a lot of experiences in life and Iíve learned from my mistakes. Everybody learns from there mistakes and itís also about the people that you have around you. I try to be around good people.

Altsounds: Top model, singer, what's next?

Alina Puscau:
Acting. Acting and singing in a lot ways are the same because when you sing, you sing what you feel. When you act, you act what you feel. You have it inside and you bring out.

Altsounds: What's you favourite book of all time?

Alina Puscau:
I know itís not a book, but right now Iím reading playwrights by Tennessee Williams. As far as books though, I like the Alchemist and Eleven Minutes.

Her new single When You Leave "Numa Numa" is a clear indicator of what the Romanian native is bringing to the table.

As a former Victoria Secret Model, being in the spotlight is nothing new and she manages to focus that attention on her new album coming in October titled "Everybody Wants Me."

The album is dropping first in Romania, UK and over sea's markets later this year before it comes out in the states.

Check her music out on the official Alina Puscau Myspace page:

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