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Download 2010: Megadeth

Download 2010: Megadeth

Interview with Chris Broderick

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Last Edited by: Cristina M June 15th, 2010.

Altsounds: Chris from Megadeth! Welcome back to Donington!

Chris: Thank you very much for having me again!

Altsounds: When is the last time you played here?

Chris: I never played the Download Festival to tell you the truth, but I have come on tour here two other times: in 2008 we did the GiganTour in the UK, and then we also came last year.

Altsounds: How was it last year?

Chris: Was great, I mean, you see your hotspots, with certain fans, in certain areas, and I would have to say in Europe definitely the UK is the hot spot for our fan base, so thank you guys, all of you, very much!

Altsounds: Do you know how many people are at Download this year?

Chris: I heard about100,000.

Altsounds: I heard more than that!

Chris: Im glad to hear, thats awesome!

Altsounds: Your last album has been out for a while now, do you have any new material to try on tonight?

Chris: Well, weve been doing the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary reunion tour with David Ellefson, he came back in the band, and weve been tearing it up with that; tonight, Im not positive on this, but we discussed on doing an abbreviated version of that with hits.

Altsounds: Thats going to make your fans happy!

Chris: Yeah, I would hope so!

Altsounds: Youve been touring the US extensively recently, how have you been getting on there?

Chris: Good, but you know, the strange thing with it is weve mainly been doing the B markets, because we were supposed to do the American Carnage with Slayer, when Tom Araya had problems with his back. So we had to cancel that leg of the tour, and were going to come back in August and do Canada and the US again in the main markets.

Altsounds: What about the UK, any tour coming up?

Chris: Not that I know at this point, but Im sure its in the works, because weve got an extensive schedule ahead, Ive heard.

Altsounds: Are you working on any new material?

Chris: Well, the next thing, I have to say, is focusing on the CD. Right now were trying to get our bearings with the Rust In Peace stuff, and all this touring, and then definitely on the horizon is coming up with the next CD. Weve been writing some riffs and stuff like that, but nothing has been demoed yet.

Altsounds: Do you know which direction its going to go?

Chris: No, actually we have thrown around ideas what we may want to see happen and how we want it to be different from the last CD, but nothing else.

Altsounds: What do you expect from Download tonight?

Chris: Total chaos! I hope.

Altsounds: Who are you looking forward to see from this years bill?

Chris: Id really like to catch some of Lamb of God, and I wouldnt mind seeing some Rage Against the Machine actually, because Ive never seen them live and I would think that they would be a very good live band.

Altsounds: Anything else you would like to add for your UK fans especially?

Just thanks to everybody, and, people listening, well see whats happening, were definitely busy!

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