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The Lowdown: Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman

The Lowdown: Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman

"we would stop to go to the bar for a couple hours, then come back with a bunch of people and keep recording till 4 or 5 in the morning"

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Altsounds: Did you always think you would be the kind of band that would go far, did you believe from the start it would be a big thing?
Tyler Connolly: Absolutely not! I just loved playing music in any form growing up and that lead me to start a band. Its crazy to me to see how successful we have become, but from the beginning I always felt there was something different with what Theory of a Deadman were trying to achieve.

Altsounds: Before you start rocking out is there a ritual you have?
Tyler Connolly: Usually listen to some of our favorite music, have some drinks, nothing too crazy.

Altsounds: Live, do you have a set list that you stick to or do you work off the crowd?
Tyler Connolly: Once we have a set list that works we stick with it, we never throw in a song on the fly. I will sometimes make someone in the crowd believe we are playing a request just for them when they shout out a song, when really it's just next on the setlist [laughs]

Altsounds: Do you prefer songs that cause a mosh pit or get people to pull out their lighters, please also explain why?
Tyler Connolly: A bit of both I would have to say. I love coming out on stage and opening with a rock song, the crowd has so much anticipation at that point, it is like unleashing a beast. It's also great to do the slower songs and seeing all the beautiful women in the crowd singing along while their boyfriends get beer!

Altsounds: Is there anyone you would really like to play a gig with?
Tyler Connolly: Aerosmith, U2, Soundgarden, Tom Petty, Keith Urban to name a few

Altsounds: What do you always have stocked when you go on tour? What does your rider usually contain?
Tyler Connolly: Our rider is usually the same everyday. Lots of beer, Jagermeister, vodka, candy and potato chips. Breakfast, lunch and dinner if you will! Oh and we love ketchup flavored chips from Canada so...anyone that can get us some for our rider in the USA gets free tickets!

Altsounds: Is there a big difference in the fan bases in the States and Europe?

Tyler Connolly: No, not really. I find it amazing that in some countries in Europe they can sing along so well in English. It's a great feeling that you can really cross over like that.

Altsounds: What’s the worst gig experience you guys have had?
Tyler Connolly: Years ago we played in a friends restaurant while people were eating. I think I actually got tips to stop playing!

Altsounds: Have you ever met anyone who left you literally star struck? Who were they and why were they so cool?
Tyler Connolly: I Met John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival recently at the BMI awards. He was getting inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and he played 10 songs on stage with his sons after the ceremony. Really nice guy, huge fan.

Altsounds: Looking back now at the recording process, is there anything you would do differently? Can you provide a little more detail into the typical recording sessions of Theory of a Deadman?
Tyler Connolly: I would do more drugs and sleep less. Nah, its quite relaxed and private. Our first record was party central where there would be times we would stop to go to the bar for a couple hours, then come back with a bunch of people and keep recording till 4 or 5 in the morning but the more recent records, its been a 1pm to 6pm schedule and not as crazy as the early days. One time we set up the parking lot as a hockey rink and got sticks and a ball and made everyone (including Howard Benson) play in 114 degree weather!

Altsounds: Do you ever get sick of people saying to you “hey man I got a real bad girlfriend” or “I hate my life” or is it something that never gets old?
Tyler Connolly: It never gets old, no but ironically it's the GIRLS who always say that they are the BAD GIRLFRIEND! I've met so many on tour.

Altsounds: Looking back at your schedules it seems you much prefer touring to studio time, is that the case?
Tyler Connolly: Not really, it just works out that way. You spend 6 months writing and recording then the next 2 and a half years touring and promoting it. I do love touring though, especially when we play somewhere new or play a venue we've always dreamed of playing. That's always fun.

Altsounds: How does the writing process differ now to back when you wrote with Chad Kroeger? Is it tough not having that extra input or do you enjoy just doing your own thing without influence?
Tyler Connolly: None really.....I've grown a lot as a songwriter and musician. I keep trying to learn more and more which is so beneficial. Musicians should never stop learning new stuff.

Altsounds: How do you guys go about creating a song? What’s your process?
Tyler Connolly: Usually melody or words first then the arrangement is tweaked in pre-production when we jam out all the song ideas before we record.

Altsounds: What do you do besides music? What do you guys do for fun?
Tyler Connolly: Not much, just relax. Watch movies. I think I've been to every mall in America and yes there seems to be a Spencer's Gifts at every single one!!

Altsounds: What’s your earliest music memory?
Tyler Connolly: My dads band practising in my basement when I was really young and I could never sleep through the racket of drums and guitar. I grew to like it and then love it. Now I thank him for the sleepless nights!

Altsounds: Any upcoming bands you can recommend?
Tyler Connolly: Neon trees, saw them in NYC, great band. Chick on drums = sweet!

What kind of hair product do you use on your pompadour?
Tyler Connolly: REDKEN 23 (where's my endorsement?!)

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