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Packing Heat: Ross Robinson, Record Producer

Packing Heat: Ross Robinson, Record Producer

The technical workings behind your favourite bands and producers.

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire November 12th, 2010.

Name: Ross Robinson
Hometown: Barstow, CA.
Nationality: USA
Age: 43


What do you use for physically recording?

I go to tape, Studor A80 for tracking drums, then dump it into ProTools.

What mixer / audio interface do you use?

Neve 8816 and Digidesign 192's.

What do you use for drum recording?

If the band doesn't have a great kit, I'll rent a kit from Drum Dr. in the UK. I have a great drum room designed by Steven Kats. It's a 70's, tight sort of vibe.

Drum Microphone Pre's Used:
  • Brent Averill
  • Chandler
Drum Microphones Used:
  • TOMS: Sennheiser 421's
  • SNARE: Shure SM57
  • ROOM: Mojave 201 FET
  • KICK: Sennheiser E602/Blue Kiwi
It's the tuning and quality of the kit that makes the biggest difference though. I don't like sampling, I try to always get the final sound from the source.

What do you use for guitar recording?
I like using the Royer.

Sennheiser E602, Chandler Mic Pre's, SVT Direct Box, Ampeg Rocket Amp and whatever bass the band brings (if it's good!)

Additional stuff like strings, electronic pieces etc?
I use a ToneBone to get rid of Buzz. It's a great piece of gear.


Stephen Paul Mod Telefunken 251, UA 176 Compressor, Germanium Mic Pre.

Self taught or tutor taught?

I'm taught through the patience of my past engineers!

What is the first thing you ever produced?

My own band as a kid. The first record I produced was Korn.

What is, in your opinion the best thing you ever produced?
"At The Drive In" because it was a perfect left turn from my former identity.

What is the last thing you produced?
In the past twelve months I have produced records for Korn, Klaxons, Hyro Da Hero and Inborn. Hyro Da Hero was pretty fun. The band was awesome and consists of Cody/Mark (Bloodbrothers), Paul (At The Drive In) and Daniel (Idiot Pilot). We did six songs from scratch.

What do you watch, read etc do better yourself and your chosen profession?

Mainly I do clean-up maintenance in my mind and body to just be as clear as possible. I get great tech info from

Number one tip you can give wannabe producers in terms of their instrument choice?

Just go to music stores and play the most expensive vintage guitars, basses' and drums. Have your own knowing of what you love rather than what others say is good.

What gear do you wish you had and why?

The Indigo Ranch Dean Jenson Console, it has a clarity I can't get anywhere else.

What do you plan on purchasing next to better yourself technically?
I guess it would be a mixing console for the house. I live on the beach, the maintenance could be a nightmare though!

Photo credit: Andrew Jorgensen

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