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File-O-Facts: Dustin O'Halloran

File-O-Facts: Dustin O'Halloran

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Name: Dustin O'Halloran
Star sign:
Place of birth:
Pheoniz, Az
Now based at:
Level of education:

First instrument played:
Current instrument:
Piano, guitar
Last venue played at:
Dreamhouse- Xiamen, China
Last gig attended:
Josh Pearson

Turn On:
Humor, intelligence, good conversation, confidence.
Turn Off:
Bad breath, bad conversation, ignorance.

Worst thing to happen to music is:
The constant need to categorize music for marketing reasons.
Best thing about the current music industry:
I think the best thing happening now is the diversity happening in music and the ability to find it all via the internet without the industry.
Biggest influence:
The passing of time.
Childhood hero:
Jacques Cousteau
When I was younger I wanted to be:

Last album bought:
Tim Hecker- Ravedeath 1972
Last song listened to on mp3 player:
The homeless wanderer-Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou
The music I’m into is:
I really listen to all kinds…I cant say its one thing I am into.

Favourite current band:
I like Tim Hecker's new album a lot.
My favourite drink has to be:
Grey Goose dry martini
My favourite book is:
Kafka on The Shore-Haruki Murakami
My favourite website:
UbuWeb is an amazing collection of experimental music and films.

The best boredom buster is:
Reading a good book
The best film I ever saw was:
I really cant break it down to just one film..sorry. But Casablanca is one I can watch many times..
My ultimate snack is:
My weakness is redvines.
The first thing I do when I wake up is:
Make a good cup of really strong italian coffee.

First band name:
My first band was Devics.
Best piece of advice given to me:
"I could not think of a worse thing than being old without my family and just having my work"- Warren Ellis
My biggest aspirations:
To live a good free and healthy life and continue loving what I do.

Social Love:

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