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New and Noteworthy | Issue #3

New and Noteworthy | Issue #3

Fearless Vampire Killers

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin June 5th, 2011.

London’s Fearless Vampire Killers are slowly but surely making a name for themselves, and they’re doing it with style, flair, and some awesome sounds. That’s why they’ve been picked for this issue’s New and Noteworthy artist.

Fearless Vampire Killers are identified easily by their intriguing sound and pseudo-steampunk image. They gathered a sizeable amount of attention for themselves when MySpace was still semi-popular, becoming notable for their interaction with their fans and friends. They behaved the same way later, on Facebook, and they used these networking sites to promote the release of their debut EP entitled …In Grandomina. The EP generated a few questions – first and foremost, what on earth was Grandomina?

According to guitarist Laurence Beveridge, Grandomina is meant to be more than one thing. “In the most direct sense,” he says, “Grandomina is the city in which the songs and any stories or comics we write are set”. (Did I mention they’re extremely multi-dimensional?) Fearless Vampire Killers’ have documented the city’s history through their work, with a novel (Ruple and Evelyn) telling of the beginnings and the EP telling tales that take place six hundred years later in Grandomina. In a very different vein, however, the band intends for Grandomina to be an idea. Laurence states that it is essentially “what London was supposed to be,” a place of magic and mystery. People often construe Grandomina as a fictional utopia, but that is not the intention. “We know the world can never be perfect, we just want to make it more magical.”

The “why” is more about depth. The band likes that it makes people interested, but Grandomina wasn’t created to make Fearless Vampire Killers different – it was created because they were different. Grandomina is their legacy.

So how does such a unique group of guys come together? Well, according to bassist Drew Woolnough, it was a long time coming. Four of the members – Drew, Laurence, Kier, and Shane – grew up together in Suffolk, England as their own little band of misfits. From a young age, they went through a number of bands – sometimes together, sometimes as “rivals” – but they were divided after high school; some members relocated to London, while others went off to university. “Eventually,” says Woolnough, “we all figured out that we were all willing to give everything we had just so that we could make music that we and other people could be excited about.” And, Fearless Vampire Killers were born. It took a while, but confidence and a love for music pulled the band through and allowed them to get to what they’ve become – a ferociously talented group of young men who know exactly what they want. The lineup is now complete with drummer Nick Hill, and FVK is making their way up. Recently, they’ve played a number of shows on their own, as well as some with large touring acts such as rock monsters Aiden.

Frankly, I’m surprised no one has snatched this band up yet. Check them out for yourself!

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