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All you need to know about ... Disturbed

All you need to know about ... Disturbed

All you need to know about your new favourite band!

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin June 15th, 2011.

“Ou-ah-ah-ah-ah!”, The Guy and riffs that can slay a dragon. This is what Disturbed have become synonymous with. We’ve now had 16 years of Disturbed-lovin’ and I am going to take this very obvious milestone (he says holding up a large sarcasm sign) to tell you all about the Chicago metal outfit. Disturbed are one of twenty-first century music’s highlights, shaping the way metal has been written with their brand of heavy metal and nu-metal (although not in later albums). Whilst you peer over the all-important details and I tell you what’s what, you can familiarise yourself with the anthemic “Down With The Sickness” from Disturbed’s debut album:

Originally named Brawl, Disturbed formed in Chicago, Illinois in the USA in 1996 with the acceptance of David Draiman as singer for the band (with Steve Kmak as bass player at this point). After a couple of demos and signing to Giant Records, they finally released their debut album The Sickness in 2000. The music industry turned its head towards these new, innovative American metallers, whilst they themselves embarked on a massive European tour with Marilyn Manson. After the release of Believe and the Music As A Weapon II Tour in 2003, Steve Kmak was fired as bassist and replaced by current bassist, John Moyer. From here on in, Disturbed have only gone onwards and upwards, with the subsequent releases of Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible and the hauntingly brilliant Asylum from just last year. In between this time, they have acquired a headlining spot at Ozzfest, places at the Mayhem Festival and more recently the Download Festival - Disturbed have also played with heavyweights such as Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Killswitch Engage, for example.

List of members
David Draiman - lead vocals; 1996-present
Dan Donegan - lead and rhythm guitar, electronics; 1996-present
Mike Wengren - drums; 1996-present
John Moyer - bass guitar, backing vocals; 2004-present

Now, come on, I know you’ve done it. Don’t be ashamed, I have too. We’ve all failed, obviously, but we’ve all attempted it. Alas, no matter how hard we may try, we will never be able to recreate David Draiman’s iconic “ou-ah-ah-ah-ah”. Even this little smidgen of Disturbed’s sound is one of the most influential snippets of music to come out of the 21st century. Some of those riffs, man! Dan Donegan is truly a riff master, just take a listen to “Stricken” (which, incidentally, is featured in a lovely video below). Disturbed have managed to push metal in yet another new direction and for this, their influence will reign supreme for years to come.

Here’s a chirpy little fact for you: ever since 2002’s Believe album, every studio album that Disturbed have released has been #1, which is a grand total of 4 consecutive #1 albums. That is truly insane, it’s become routine for Illinois quartet, as normal as waking up and eating your Weetabix. A smooth 11 million album sales and a bunch of awards alongside this and you can safely say that Disturbed are in no danger of falling from their pedestal of being really, really awesome.

2000 - The Sickness
2002 - Believe
2004 - Music As A Weapon II (Live)
2005 - Ten Thousand Fists
2008 - Indestructible
2008 - Live & Indestructible (Live EP)
2010 - Asylum

Must have album:
I actually bought this album from the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris when Indestructible came out in late 2008. Anywho, this is a stunning album and, for me, the peak of Disturbed’s illustrious career. I’ve got to put down the title track, the first song of a long and lengthy love affair with a superb album. Here’s “Indestructible”:

Recommended album:
Phwoar - the only word to describe my recommended album, Ten Thousand Fists. Another superb album with some Disturbed classics in the wake. Nevertheless, due to its excessive play on Guitar Hero #847, “Stricken” will be the chosen track. Watch out though, the video is a bit disturbing.

Album to avoid:
It always happens in this category, doesn’t it? I’m not actually saying that this album is bad, necessarily, just not as good as the others. There’s a difference, if a very subtle one. However, Believe just doesn’t cut it for me, but “Prayer” is one hell of a song:

Latest album:
Another #1 (obviously), Asylum was released in 2010 to wondrous applause from everybody in the entire world, near enough, as always. Although this album had a cover of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (it’s so awesome, you should so check it out!), the track I am going to play to you is “Another Way To Die”:

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