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File-O-Facts: Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz And The Tantrums

File-O-Facts: Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz And The Tantrums

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin August 7th, 2011.

Name: Fitz. Real name – Michael Fitzpatrick. Friends call me Fitz. 101 Café in Hollywood named a breakfast after me – The Mikey Fitz.

Star sign: The moody crab!

Place of birth: A small town in the center of France called Montluçon.

Now based at:
Silverlake the non plastic surgery part of Los Angeles. I live above the legendary venue Spaceland. Spent many nights walking down the hill to hear the best music in LA.

Level of education: A questionable college degree in experimental film. I'm always looking for the right angle.

First instrument played: Piano. I now have 11 keyboards at my house and 1 large organ.

Current instrument: Anything with black and white keys.

Last venue played at: The Basement in Sydney w/ Lanie Lane.

Last gig attended: Prince at the Troubadour in LA. Venue holds less than 1000 people. Imagine!

Turn On: A good collar bone.

Turn Off:
Boot-cut jeans and bell bottoms. Keep it tight ladies.

Worst thing to happen to music is: The Internet. It has devalued the worth of music and sometimes the quality.

Best thing about the current music industry: The Internet. The ability to discover more music and reach your fans.

Biggest influence: Any singer that bares their soul every time they sing. There has to be a truth and honesty to what they do. That ranges from Otis Redding to Jeff Buckley.

Childhood hero: David Bowie. Always pushing the boundaries in sound and wardrobe.

When I was younger I wanted to be: An adult. My dad had to leave Los Angeles for work so my parents basically left me alone in the family house when I was 16. I thought I was sooo grown up.

Last album bought: Fleet Foxes. Again, the beautiful voice and honesty gets me every time.

Last song listened to on mp3 player: Tune Yards - The Bizness.

The music I’m into is: All over the map. Everything from Motown, Stax, 60’s Northern Soul to 80’s New Wave pop. I'm a sucker for Style Council.

Favourite current band:
Stepdad. Very creative songwriting. Electro Synthesizers and an insane front man.

My favourite drink has to be: A breve cappuccino - if you haven't had one you haven't lived. I have 4 a day.

My favourite book is: Anything by Cormack Mccarthey

My favourite website:

The best boredom buster is: Being outdoors. We were on a winter tour through the coldest cities in America and Canada, bundled up in layers and boots on top of each other for 3 weeks bored out of our minds. We forgot what it was like to be outdoors. We found ourselves in Nashville and it was a whopping 50 degrees and we laid in the grass at Starbucks.

The best film I ever saw was: Pulp Fiction.

My ultimate snack is: Chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. We call this a snack attack and it happens every night after a show.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: Hook up the coffee IV drip! We build in 15 min before we do anything in the morning for our Coffee Stop.

First band name: I cant reveal that

Best piece of advice given to me: Enjoy the ride because there is no destination.

My biggest aspirations: To keep getting to tour and make music.

Favourite Music Festival: Lollapalooza in Chicago. This year we get to play right before Cee Lo.

The band latest single ‘Moneygrabber’ is out 15th August and the album ‘Pickin’ up the pieces’ out 22nd August.

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