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File-O-Facts: Emii

File-O-Facts: Emii

I Think AltSounds is: "Fracking cool!"

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin October 3rd, 2011.

The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Emii. Here is where you get chance to find out little tid bits of info about the artists that you would never normally find out. Some could say it's a quickfire Q&A, we just think we are being overly nosey.

Star Sign: Ophiuchus. I thought I was a Sagittarius until I visited the Griffith Park Observatory and experienced an astrology kick.
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - But I spent most of my childhood in Youngstown, Ohio, which I consider my hometown.
Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is:
Now Based At:
Los Angeles, CA

First Instrument Played:
Harmonica. I attempted the saxophone and the clarinet as well, but neither of those went well for me.
Current Instrument: Guitar, piano, vocal chords.
Last Venue Played: Hard Rock Cafe Vegas
Last Gig Attended: Hierosonic @ The Zeitgeist Music Festival. Hierosonic is definitely my favorite indie band.

Can't Go On Tour Without: Stitch. He only tried to ditch me once at an airport in Atlanta because I bought a stuffed bear at the terminal (I assume he was offended). But we've mended our friendship since then.
The Best Thing About Live Music Is:
The fact that it’s live! It kills me when artists lip sync. I believe the fans deserve more than that.
The Person I Would Most To Collaboration Is: Michael Jackson
The Best Thing to Happen to the Current Music Industry: Me (duh)

Turn On : A great sense of humor, and a love for adventure...
Turn Off: Halitosis
Biggest Influence: My dad
My Favourite Person On TV Right Now Is: Walter from Fringe.
Childhood Hero: Wolverine, X-men - I have always been a huge fan of comic books.

When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be: A superhero
Last Album Bought: Hierosonic “Consciousness, Fame, God, Money, Power”
Last Song Listened To On MP3 Player: NIN “Closer”
The Music I'm Into Is: Everything from Michael Jackson, to the Pretenders, to En Vogue, to Muse, and beyond...

Favourite Current Band: Hierosonic
My Favourite Drink Has To Be: Shirley Temples and hot chocolate (not at the same time).
My Favourite Book Is: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, although the Otherland series by Tad Williams is a very close second.
My Favourite Website Is: ...But I get a lot of entertainment from sites like Reddit, TED, and AltSounds, of course.

My Favourite Item Of Clothing Is: Sunglasses
My Favourite Shop Is:
Swarovski, and Guess
The Best Boredom Buster Is: Exercise, martial arts, comic books, dancing, rock climbing... And most of all, music! But you already knew that.
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: Aliens

My Ultimate Snack Is: Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. It used to be chocolate covered coffee beans until I discovered that eating an entire box of those gives me heart palpitations.
The Worst Food Invented Is: Chocolate covered bacon
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: Go back to sleep ...
I Can't Leave The House Without: Almond butter
I'm Well Known For: My lips, my sense of humor, and my very fair skin.

My Hobbies Are:
Dancing, comic books, martial arts, science fiction, video games
I Have A Passion For: Inspiring others, music, and... life!
First Band Name: Cherryfix
Tomorrow I Will: Strike a pose at my next photo shoot!
My Biggest Aspiration: World domination
I Think AltSounds is: Fracking cool!

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