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File-O-Facts: Adam Newall of Super Prime

File-O-Facts: Adam Newall of Super Prime

My favourite item of clothing is: "T shirts. All of them. I’m a collector of sorts."

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies October 31st, 2011.

Name: Adam Newall
Star sign: Libra
Place of birth: Minneapolis MN
Now based at: Boston MA
Level of education: Bachelor’s Degree

First instrument played:
Current instrument: Mouth and Guitar
Last venue played at: Gramercy Theatre, NYC
Last gig attended: Title Fight with The Swellers
Can’t go on tour without: WATER

The best thing about live music is: A crowd having a unified purpose
The person I would most like to collaborate with is: Patrick Stump
Worst thing to happen to music is: Hipsterism
Best thing about the current music industry:
The accessibility of tools and technology to all musicians

Turn On: Independence
Turn Off: Need for attention
Biggest influence: Brandon Boyd
My favourite person on TV right now is: hrm, I don’t watch TV that much…
Childhood hero: Mom

When I was younger I wanted to be:
A Magician
Last album bought: Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (re-purchase)
Last song listened to on mp3 player:
Minus The Bear – Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
The music I'm into is: ‘Probably too obscure for you to know.’ If you hear this, you’re dealing with a hipster.

Favourite current band: Title Fight
My favourite drink has to be:
Arnold Palmer
My favourite book is: Tao Te Ching
My favourite website:
My favourite item of clothing is:
T shirts. All of them. I’m a collector of sorts.

My favourite shop is: The grocer
The best boredom buster is:
The best film I ever saw was: The Princess Bride
My ultimate snack is: Funyuns – guilty pleasure
The worst food invented is: Orange juice without pulp. How could they do that?

The first thing I do when I wake up is:
Green tea
I can’t leave the house without: eh, nothing I can’t leave the house without.
I’m well known for: Being bold
My hobbies are: Model rockets, RPG’s
I have a passion for: Cooking

First band name: The Bathroom Boys
Tomorrow I will: Get my life together!
Best piece of advice given to me:
My biggest aspirations: To be able to give back to everyone who helped me be where I am today.

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