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AltSounds Exclusive Album Stream: Cardinal Jack - We Shall Start The Dance + Q&A

AltSounds Exclusive Album Stream: Cardinal Jack - We Shall Start The Dance + Q&A

Listen to Cardinal Jack album 'We Shall Start The Dance' in full exclusively on

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin November 3rd, 2011.

‘We Shall Start The Dance’ is the debut album from London trio Cardinal Jack, released through INFUSE; a division of the University Of Hertfordshire’s own record label UHRecordings.

AltSounds brings you an exclusive first listen to the full album. Check it out below!

Track by track walkthrough by Cardinal Jack:

'Old Time Twitch'

Cardinal Jack: Who says there's no such thing as post teenage angst? We don't! A usual set opener it was a sure fire winner for the album opener. Plus Mark wanted to open the album with a personal solo-Cardinal Jack…….team effort.

'We Shall Start The Dance'

Cardinal Jack: The debut single from us. The title is self explanatory-let loose and let live This is where we started experimenting with dance like vibes. There was something special in the production that really bought this track to life and this transferred back across to the live version.

'Green Eyed Boy'

Cardinal Jack: This was the follow up single. We've all been there before, night out, looking for company, trying too hard, looking desperate and generally getting it all wrong. We all have to find our feet at some point, unfortunately some of us are better adapters then others. There's an eerie vibe to the album version, bit more pumped live but the remix is champion.

'The Secret To Improving'

Cardinal Jack: The perils and pitfalls of moving and rotating in new circles. If you strip the song down, it sounds like we are playing different songs but put together it some how works, a bit like Chris de Burgh, a spaceman and christmas, singularly there's no link but together it makes one hell of a christmas song.

'Put It Right'

Cardinal Jack: When you fuck things up, you got to put it right.


Cardinal Jack: You know that game you played when you were a kid, you took a piece of paper, folded it in 3 and each drew part of a a person (generally followed by a 'oh look…'s your mum' line), well we kind of took that approach lyrically with this song. We vented our need to want to get back playing live (at this point Cardinal Jack was a mere dust particle in a sweaty practice room) and each penned some lyrics which were then arranged by chance.

'Make The Time'

Cardinal Jack: A narrative of a good time amongst friends. We don't like each other so its certainly not about us. If we were friends we would aspire to the level of debauchery spoken of in this song. Its got a child-like, taunting guitar intro inticing you in, so make sure you make the time.

'Day & Night'

Cardinal Jack: Congratulations, you've just witnessed the birth of Cardinal Jack. Like an expectant mother there was plenty of gore an leg flailling but eventually it came out. It was our first song and holds a dear place in our hearts. Like a lot of our stuff its a combination of our individual styles coming together and giving way to our sound.

'Pre Post & Trauma'

Cardinal Jack: Despite the dark medical undertones of the title (we've moved on from the maternity ward) its about being ballsy and getting on with it. Plenty of yelling and letting loose, plenty of feeling helpless but being made to face it.

'Don't Dance Right'

Cardinal Jack: Having started the dance, we now have no control of peoples limbs. Sometimes not everyone gets it to our liking. They're weird, slightly unhinged but seem to be intent on reeling us in. Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. If she don't dance right…..

Further info on album:

Paul Eaton, Tom Williamson and Mark Kempson formed Cardinal Jack whilst studying at university. Originally in rival bands, the group was born at a post-night-out jam with the three swapping instruments and trading ideas until they came up with the song ‘Day & Night’. Their shared university experiences provide the inspiration for much of the songs on this album, influenced by nights out, nights in and mornings after. Their time at university saw them developing their sound, providing an honest account of themselves and their shared musical influences – The Smiths, Mars Volta, The Beatles and The Police.

INFUSE is a division of UHRecordings, a record label designed to introduce students into the music industry through hands-on work with professionals alongside their academic studies. It also offers a fantastic opportunity for students from colleges or universities across the country to be signed to the universities’ record label. Through UHRecordings, undergraduates from existing courses as well as the new Music Entertainment and Industry Management courses gain invaluable first-hand experience in the recording process.

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