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The Lowdown: Crowns

The Lowdown: Crowns

"After that we’ll pick someone who has wronged us, chant their name with an obscenity to get us in the mood!"

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin November 5th, 2011.

Ship ahoy! Finally something on the horizon you can hold dear. If you’re lost in a murky sea, where songwriters parade Americana as the ‘new-folk’ – Crowns are here to throw you a lifeline.

Growing up in Cornwall, it wasn’t all surfing and pasties for these boys. At the same time as songwriter Bill Jefferson was learning old Cornish tunes, the rest were playing in various punk bands in their local town. It was only when combining these two wild elements that Crowns found their rousing sound and began to write the salty, sing-a-long anthems that make up their set today.

More intent on having a good time than singing you their latest diary entry, these folk-punk party starters want to get you dancing. Having recently shared stages with The Pogues, Gallows and Brandon Flowers, the fun has only just begun. So – all aboard and raise a glass to your new favourite band!

Watch the video for CROWNS - Kissing Gates:

Altsounds caught up with the lads:

Altsounds: What have Crowns been up to recently?

Jake: We’ve been preparing for the King Blues tour and rehearsing new tracks for the set. We had a good summer with some fun festivals so we’re ready to get back out there again.

Altsounds: You're supporting the King Blues on their tour - are you looking forward to hanging with those guys?

Bill: Funnily enough, Josie – their keyboard player – is from our hometown, so it’s a weird coincidence that we’re on the road with them. So yeah - it will be great to hang out with her again!

Altsounds: I read somewhere that you have also supported Gallows before, which is perhaps a little different to the King Blues. What did being on the road with Gallows teach you?

Jack: We weren’t actually on the road with the guys. We did one show with them at the Old Blue Last in London, where Gallows were special guests to Black Lungs – Wade MacNeil’s side project. Since then, he’s become their lead singer, so it was weird to think we maybe witnessed the beginnings of that change backstage.

Altsounds: What is an average show day for Crowns?

Nathan: Trying to find the venue, sound checking and then if there’s time we’ll be wandering around a new town. Then post-show, it can involve driving around for 2 hours to try and find some beer. That was a long night.

CROWNS - Kissing Gates (Acoustic):

Altsounds: Are there any quirky, pre-show rituals any of you have?

Bill: We normally have a vocal warm-up, which isn’t that quirky. After that we’ll pick someone who has wronged us, chant their name with an obscenity to get us in the mood!
Jake: We also have to rock up at the venue blasting ‘Here I go Again’ by Whitesnake. Many heads have turned…

Altsounds: Has anything particularly insane gone down on a Crowns tour before?

Jake: The butter cannon! Someone had left a tub of butter in a dressing room in Oxford. We emptied a bottle of water, filled it with butter and fired it into Jack’s face. It was messy.
Bill: Or there’s the infamous Taphouse in Cornwall, where we’d had 5 shots and 5 pints before we’d finished our set, as they kept pouring different shots after every song. The owner then decided to do a hand-stand behind the bar and knocked down the entire top shelf.

Altsounds: What are Crowns' plans for 2012?

Jack: We’re releasing our debut EP in February. We’re releasing it on our own label – Ship Wreckords – so that’ll be our first toe in the water, as it were. Other than that we want to play as many shows as possible!

Altsounds: Will we expect to see you guys at any festivals next year?

Nathan: We hope so! Hopefully we’ll still play as many local Cornish festivals as possible. Port Isaac Music Festival was a highlight – despite Bill and Jack snapping 4 strings between them. Our favourite buoy band Fisherman’s Friends were there – and some bloke from Doc Martin, so it was a real celebrity occasion.

Altsounds: Crowns are a mix of folk, punk and as your Facebook page states, fish-punk. Was your sound easily put together, bearing in mind the different genres, or was it all very natural?

Bill: Well we are heavily influenced by clam-rock, and our rhythm section are schooled in pub-step. In all seriousness – coming from our background of hearing traditional music in the pub, and playing in punk bands – it felt really obvious.

CROWNS - Little Eyes:

Altsounds: Who are the biggest musical influences for Crowns?

Bill: Mainly traditional music – but really just any decent song that makes you feel something.

Altsounds: Has growing up in Cornwall influenced a lot of your music?

Jake: Undoubtedly – it comes out in some way or another in every song.

Altsounds: Would you rather fight twenty duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Nathan: The little horses – there’s way more arses to kick! The real question is – who would win out of the original 151 Pokemon and 1 billion lions. That’s kept us entertained on tour for many an hour.

Altsounds: If you could join any artist onstage for a song, who would it be and what song?

Bill: Hard question. But it has to be Whitesnake with ‘Here I Go Again’ – as per pre-show ritual.

Altsounds: Who is your favourite Disney character?

Jake: Nathan’s is Aladdin in Aladdin 2: Return of Jafar. It’s his favourite film – OF ALL TIME…

Catch Crowns on tour with The King Blues this November or visit their website for further details at: CROWNS | Official Site

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