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File-O-Facts: Jerry Adler of The Blam

File-O-Facts: Jerry Adler of The Blam

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies November 9th, 2011.

Name: Jerry Adler
Star Sign: N/A
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Now Based At: New York, New York
Level of Education: In Progress

First Instrument Played: Guitar. My father had played as a young man, but he quit after a few years. All throughout my childhood, his guitar had been knocking around (literally, there was no case) inside my closet. When I finally decided to play, we took it to get fixed up. As a rank novice, I didn’t know one from another, but when I later learned about styles and models I was shocked to discover that the poor recipient of all those bangs and dings was actually a 1949 Gibson LG-1. It was purchased new for $50 and has only ever belonged to the two of us. I’ve written at least one hundred songs on that instrument and it is truly my most valued possession.

Current Instrument: Guitar will always be first and foremost, but on recordings I’ve played a little of everything––bass, piano and keyboards, harmonica, banjo, ukulele, percussion, drum programming––basically whatever needs to get done. I also recently had a whirlwind romance with the pedal steel.

Last Venue Played: Zebulon
Last Gig Attended: Wave Sleep Wave
Can't Go On Tour Without: Telling my wife
The Best Thing About Live Music Is: It’s often very loud
The Person I Would Most To Collaborate With Is: Walt Whitman. I did a show last year at MIT where I built these really spacey layers of guitar loops while an artist friend of mine read from Leaves of Grass. She was great, but I have a feeling Walt would have killed it.

Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is: The break-up of The Beatles
Best Thing About The Current Music Industry: Spotify. Consider the playing filed levelled.
Turn On: The stereo
Turn Off: The lights
Biggest Influence: My father

My Favourite Person On TV Right Now Is: Bill Maher
Childhood Hero: Graig Nettles
When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be: Graig Nettles
Last Album Bought: I replaced my copy of Never Mind the Bullocks.. That was pre-Spotify, of course.

Last Song Listened To On MP3 Player:
Car Jamming. Though long periods away are inevitable, I always go back to my favorite bands. To me, as not only a brilliant frontman and songwriter, but also charismatic force and cultural icon, Joe Strummer is right there with John Lennon and Bob Marley. I like the sound of the truth.
The Music I'm Into Is: Almost invariably devoid of cowbell
Favourite Current Band: Wave Sleep Wave
My Favourite Drink Has To Be: The Ryder. Unfortunately, the recipe is proprietary and secret. I will tell you that it involves Rye whiskey and is best consumed in cold weather.

My Favourite Book Is: War and Peace. It is one of the few things in life that lives up to the hype. Tolstoy is the ultimate master and this book is stunning on every conceivable level.
My Favourite Website Is:
My Favourite Item Of Clothing Is: In the laundry
My Favourite Shop Is: New Deal Fish Market, Cambridge, MA. In a world of soulless franchises and chain stores, this third generation family-run business is as rare as it is great.

The Best Boredom Buster Is: Illegal in most states.
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: Miller’s Crossing.
My Ultimate Snack Is: Half a sleeve of Oreos and a tall glass of orange juice
The Worst Food Invented Is: Any food that’s invented
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: Roll over

I Can't Leave The House Without:
I'm Well Known For: Eating quickly
My Hobbies Are: Expensive
I Have A Passion For: Relaxing

First Band Name: The Bed Bugs (I was nine.)
Tomorrow I Will: Find out
My Biggest Aspiration: Brevity.
I Think AltSounds is: For the people, by the people.

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