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File-O-Facts: Meital Dohan

File-O-Facts: Meital Dohan

Find out some more info with this quickfire Q&A with Meital Dohan

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin December 17th, 2011.

The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Meital Dohan. Want to know more about one of this incredible up and coming artist? Here you can find out loads of snappy facts about this superb new talent that's not only taking the world by storm, but also dabbled in the world of acting!

WATCH: 'Yummy Boyz

Meital Dohan.
Star Sign: Virgin and Leo.
Place of Birth: Israel.
Now Based At: I split my time between Los Angeles and New York.
Level of Education: Nissan Nativ institute for acting, Suzan Batson Drama teacher.

First Instrument Played: My voice was always my instrument. Laughing. Yelling. Singing. Crying. Voice is at the heart of performance.
Current Instrument: My diaphragm is my instrument.
Last Venue Played: The Factory in West Hollywood.
Last Gig Attended: My own.
Can't Go On Tour Without: My yummy pet tiger.

The Best Thing About Live Music Is: The synergy with the audience. The love you give them and the love they give you back.
The Person I Would Most like to Collaborate with is: Elvis it too late?
Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is: That nobody listens to it.
Best Thing About The Current Music Industry: I think with the advent of digital technology there's less emphasis on the traditional model of the record label being at the top of the totem pole. Now the artist has a lot more say in the kind of music they want to make and where they want to put it. I'm all about that autonomy.

Turn On: Being hot without even knowing how hot you are.
Turn Off: Smelly people. No, really, my olfactory nerves are really sensitive.
Biggest Influence: Madonna-Michael Jackson-Portishead-Borat-Beatles-Oprah. People who just get it done and help change people's lives with their art.
My Favourite Person On TV Right Now Is:
I think Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad is a huge talent.
Childhood Hero: My Grandmother.

When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be:
When I was really young i was very shy. When I got a little older I knew I wanted to be an actress.
Last Album Bought: Radiohead - The King of Limbs.
Last Song Listened To On MP3 Player: Kanye West "Blame Game" - I think it's really cool how he samples Chris Rock on that track and brings some humor into the song.
The Music I'm Into Is: I have so many different styles I'm into.. from Nina Simone, to Kanye West,.. it's hard to put in one sentence.

Favourite Current Band: Radiohead.
My Favourite Drink Has To Be: Absinthe...but I heard from Van Gough that's it's not good to drink it on a regular basis.
My Favourite Book Is: LIVING MY LIFE by Emma Goldman was really inspiring for me. She was an anarchist before her time and stood for so much as a feminist.
My Favourite Website Is: AltSounds! Is this a trick question?

My Favourite Item Of Clothing Is:
This Chanel Dress I have. It's pretty spiffy.
My Favourite Shop Is: Goodwill.
The Best Boredom Buster Is: I wish I had time to be bored, but it's really not something I can schedule into my day
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: Contempt by Jean Godard with Brigitte Bardot.

My Ultimate Snack Is: I'm not a big snacker - I like to eat hearty meals to get me through the day.
The Worst Food Invented Is: Cookies. Cakes. Candies. everything delicious!
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: Exercise! Off to the gym.
I Can't Leave The House Without: My keys to get back into the house.
I'm Well Known For: Weeds, Woke up Dead, Monogamy and the Israeli "Ugly betty".

My Hobbies Are: My whole life is wrapped up in dramatics. Acting. Singing. Dancing. Writing.
I Have A Passion For: Pet Tigers.
First Band Name: The Meital Dohan band.
Tomorrow I Will: Fly from London to Los Angeles.
My Biggest Aspiration: To fly, and then of course, soar.
I Think AltSounds is: pretty rad. I'm all about websites that focus on non-mainstream music and try to shed light on whats worth listening to.


Not since the invention of the original sin has Israel had such a hot export. Described as "Extremely Gorgeous..." by the New York Times and "breathtaking" by Variety Magazine. Meital (pronounced "Mey-tål") was born Meital Dohan in Tel Aviv.

No stranger to the spotlight, Meital is a two-time Israeli Oscar nominee for her performances in God's Sandbox and Giraffes. She also won an Israeli Tony for Most Promising New Actress for her work with the renowned Cameri Theater and was principal star in the Israeli Emmy Award-Winning Ugliest Esti - the Israeli version of Ugly Betty. Among many other roles, Meital has authored a number of successful plays and the book "Love & Other Bad Habits".

US audiences were first introduced to her as Yael Hoffman on Showtime's Weeds and as Aurora in the Sony Pictures web comedy Woke Up Dead, co-starring Jon Heder and Wayne Knight. Meital also stars in the upcoming feature Foreclosure with Michael Imperioli and Wendell Pierce. Her most recent film, Monogamy (Oscilloscope), co-starring Chris Messina and Rashida Jones, won the Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival and received rave reviews.

On stage, Meital recently co-starred as Abby with John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos) in the Off-Broadway and LA productions of Anthony Neilson's play Stitching, which is now being developed into a feature film directed by Bernard Rose (Candy Man).

In early 2011 the Israeli bombshell caught the attention of mega hip-hop producer Che Pope (Lauren Hill, Eminem, Dr. Dre) and they began to record her debut album "I'm In Hate With Love". Including such tracks as "Get to the Point" and "Nobody's Got Time for Love". Meital's first release is the single "Yummy Boyz". The track has been described as a "sexy, sassy electro-pop romp" along with the recently completed video that can best be described as... well, see for yourself."

Meital's music directly reflects her attitude on the world by celebrating the return of fun, heartfelt music that does away with packaged pretenses and Barbie-doll stereotypes for a more genuine approach to her music, her acting and her everyday life.


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