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Altsounds Enemy Number One: Axl Rose, Issue #1

Altsounds Enemy Number One: Axl Rose, Issue #1

Like scraping the limescale from a washing machine, we're exposing the shit of the music industry.

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire February 14th, 2012.

After the Grammy awards last night, Iíve been inspired. These flash award ceremonies highlight the best artists in music, which is, of course, a wonderful thing, promoting the artists and their music; I think itís all mighty fantastic. But, sometimes, donít you think we should celebrate the opposite end of the spectrum? I mean, it isnít very often the powers that be hold a lavish celebration of all that is shit in music. I believe that we should change that. Not so that we can love and cherish them, but so that we can emphasize the crap that they have brought to music. So, this is where we start our newest feature, Altsoundsí Enemies of Music. First in line for the firing squad, Mr Axl Rose.

Heís an obvious first choice, really. Or is he? Iím thinking of several more who would be more obvious right now but weíre sticking with Axl for now, so get used to it! So letís look at the facts: the lead singer in a hair metal band of the Ď80s. But not just any band of the Ď80s. Axl Rose, born as William Bruce Rose, was the lead singer of Guns ní Roses, one of the most iconic bands in the world, ever. With songs such as ďSweet Child oí MineĒ, ďParadise CityĒ and ďNovember RainĒ, Axl fronted a band that would go on to be something rather legendary, with his partner in fame, guitarist Slash. Naturally, for a crazy band of the 1980s, carnage was a frequent occurrence. Stories of alcohol, drugs and prostitutes were normality for the band. After the success of Appetite For Destruction, followed by yet more booze, narcotics and hookers, it came as no surprise that by 1997, Axl Rose was the only original member left in Guns ní Roses, after years of tension between the band members. It took, then, fifteen years until the next Guns ní Roses album, Chinese Democracy, in 2008, which is for the most part, a pile of crap. So, you may ask, why does a large proportion of the world hate Axl Rose? Keep reading, and youíll find out exactly why.

Letís start with this quick video of Axl Rose getting pissed off with a guy in the crowd wearing a Slash t-shirt:

So, not only is Axl being a monumental bell-end, but his singing was atrocious, too. He is supposed to be one of the best vocalists in the business, and someone that sets an example to the younger generations. But he acts like an arrogant, egotistical arsehole. Donít go thinking that this is a once in a blue moon occasion, however. Oh no, heís a cock pretty much every day of his life. From trying to control every single thought and little action of every member in Guns ní Roses, to abusing some of his fans as you see in the video above, the man is one of lifeís natural knob-heads. The famous St. Louis incident is typical of Axl: a bloke in the crowd has come to see one his favourite bands, and heíd like to take a few photos Ė not a problem, right? Not for Axl. He jumped into the crowd, took the camera off him and indirectly incited a riot. Good job.

Even during the blank period of no-manís-land in between the hiatus and the release of Chinese Democracy, he was still acting a bell-end. Rose rarely made public appearances, spending most of his time in his mansion in Malibu, stacked to the rafters with cameras and security. Apparently, Axl spent a lot of this time writing the material for Chinese Democracy Ė he probably should have spent his time in a better manner! Nevertheless, what strikes me most about Axl Rose is that he isnít just an arse in music Ė even in his turbulent personal life, he has been sued more times than I have toes and his apparent physical abuse to the women in his life. Yes, he has a depressive tendency, but that should never excuse the type of behavior that he has exhibited over the years.

After the release of Chinese Democracy in 2008, Guns ní Roses began touring again Ė of course, with Axl Rose as the only original member of the band. There were many people, as fans and as part of the industry, who stated that it should not be called Guns ní Roses, because itís not. Itís the Axl Rose Show and whoever he detests the least as his backing band. The video shows how Axl is not up to performing, his voice has withered and dulled, losing the spark of individuality that initially helped Guns ní Roses rise to success. Not to mention the fact that he purposefully delays shows by hours and hours Ė thereís one thing to increase anticipation, but several hours is ridiculous, and quite frankly for the people who have presumably paid a reasonable sum of money, a piss-take. Iíve watched several clips of Axl threatening to leave shows. What sort of an entertainer is that?

Hopefully, you now see why Iíve nominated Axl Rose as Altsoundsí very first Enemy Number One. A disgrace to the music industry, with a horrible attitude. He is no entertainer anymore, he is a chubby, ginger man that gets on stage hours late to squeal and threaten to leave that, as the video above showcases abuses audience members. In other words... a right royal turd.

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