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Musweek: Issue 7

Musweek: Issue 7

A round up of this week's most important music news stories

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin February 24th, 2012.

On a daily basis, we're constantly inundated with news. News about political affairs, news about what's happening in the sporting world, entertainment news that's now more like gossip as opposed to actual news, and news about family, friends, and the cat down the road. Basically, information has never been easily attainable than it is today. In some way, this is fantastic, enabling us to constantly develop our brains, and in another way, we're bombarded with so much crap we have to wade through it to get to the good bits.

You gotta love a bad boy.
With all the dirt getting dragged up again after last week’s Grammy’s, you'd think a girl would learn her lesson? Instead world-wide mega, super-ginormo star Rihanna has seemingly forgiven her former wife-beater of a boyfriend and recorded two songs according to the Mail, including a remix of Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music’. What makes it worse is that many of their celebrity friends don’t want to give a damn, with Mary J. Blige avoiding a question on their relationship almost entirely, “they’re both young and beautiful people and that’s it.”

Britain, Britain, Britain.
The world looked at Britain’s dominance of the music world this past week and AltSounds provided full coverage. The usual winners were in abundance and there were a number of stellar performances including a really bad one by Olly Murs. The biggest news came from woman-of-the-moment Adele flips the bird at the ITV producers at the 50-second mark of the following clip.

Accolade 2
After Blur’s success in the 90’s and early millennium the band took an extended break throughout the first decade of the 2000’s. After their triumphant reunion tour in 2009 they were asked to interrupt Adele at the Brits and showed that they are fully capable of rocking and rolling with the best of them, after being honoured for their outstanding contribution to music. It was also announced that they will be playing Hyde Park to celebrate the closing of the Olympics on the 12 August this year.

Should I stay or should I gogo?
Last night Channel 4’s revered investigative programme Dispatches took on the music ticket exchange website Viagogo. The website have come under fire for presenting themselves as a fan-to-fan ticket exchange for those who unfortunately cannot attend gigs they’ve paid for, in the hope that fans can still get some of their money back and pass on the ticket to another who didn’t manage to get one. The programme looked at how the website is allowed ticket touts and staff members to compete against real fans in selling their tickets to make more money. If you missed it, it is well worth the watch over on 4OD.

Were you a pre-teen in the 90’s. You have permission to go mad.
East 17 are set to return in a hugely under-reported story in a week full of award ceremony’s and funerals. Everybody’s fourth favourite 90’s boyband are announcing a new album (albeit without the only famous member, Brian Harvey), but this time to the sound of a different tune. They are now a soft rock band and their press release claims they sound like Kings of Leon and Bryan Adams. Holy Moly have a good article exploring this in more detail with a video of their new, potentially award winning single ‘I Can’t Get You Off My Mind (Crazy)’, catchy title eh?

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