Tune of the Day: Fossil Collective - Let It Go | Issue #23

Tune of the Day: Fossil Collective - Let It Go | Issue #23

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This is one heartwarmingly sweet little number from Fossil Collective, that is just so genuin and innocent that with the first listen I want to melt away in its warm, snuggly essence and share it with the closest friends as it's too good to keep to myself. It has a little mysticism entwined amongst the haunting whisps of folk and endearing lyrics that leave you feeling all content yet sympathising with the unrequited duo narrated by the singer. The video is an extra little bonus, an artistic stop motion piece that adds a smidge more innocence to the already beautifully simple tune.

WATCH: 'Let It Go'

The Story

Let It Go is the debut EP from Fossil Collective, a Leeds duo whose music is an intoxicating blend of exquisitely structured songs and glorious, rich harmonies.

The group mainstays are Jonny Hooker and David Fendick, two multi-instrumentalists, swelling to a five-piece for live performances.This is a collective by name and nature “we are always looking for people to come on board,” say the duo. The spirit includes collaborators from beyond the world of music: Leeds-based animators Broken Pixel produced the brand new video for Let It Go’s title track (above).

Painstakingly put together over the a period of months, the video was made using the time-honoured stop-motion animation technique. “It's a love story,” say the duo, who put the story together with the team at Broken Pixel. “A tragic ballooning accident separates two lovebirds, and the story follows the male character as he’s stuck on a island trying to build his way to the moon to rescue his love. It takes many years and a lot of effort for him to achieve this.”

As the title suggests, the EP is heavy hearted but hopeful, five songs about struggle, strife and relationships. The slide guitar-driven Without A Fight is about “not giving up on something you love” with Everything But You Is Facing North is about “the contradictions that can occur in relationships”.

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