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How to pretend to be a "Rockstar" by Christofer Drew

How to pretend to be a "Rockstar" by Christofer Drew

Interested in being a Rockstar? Then do the EXACT opposite of Christofer Drew. Maybe start by spelling Christofer less pretentiously?!

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin June 12th, 2012.

I had come to this understanding that the day of the “rockstar” was over. With the Internet, artists of the present day are held to a much higher standard. One controversial tweet or photograph can quickly tarnish any reputation.

This is why I was utterly appalled when I stumbled upon popular youtuber, Bryan Stars interview with Never Shout Never which was posted on June 3rd. In this 44 minute long video, Stars begins by showing his first interview with Never Shout Never at the 2010 AP Tour. This interview was fun-loving and lighthearted. Then the video continued to show how Stars drove 7 hours to interview the band for a feature in the New York Times.

WATCH // 'Never Shout Never Interview #2 Christofer Drew 2012'

However, when the interview began it was clear right away that Christofer Drew and his band were not the same fun-loving people they were two years ago. The interview begins with Drew attacking Stars, “I think I heard about you starting some rumors about us, that we broke up…we definitely didn’t break up. I don’t like false rumors being started about us.“

So, a rumor got started about your band. Sorry, that’s show business. If you can’t deal with a rumor then you have no place in the limelight.

After, the first interview, which was happy-go-lucky and filled with conversation and dancing. Stars, who has interviewed dozens of bands, came prepared with many silly questions, which would also entertain the young teenage fanbase of Never Shout Never. This was received with a bounty of snarky remarks from Drew.
“I have a question. When are we going to start talking about music? I’d like to start now.”
Bassist Taylor MacFee, proceeded to rip Stars’ questions from his hands, and flip through each with negative comments. Hayden Kaiser, refused to answer any questions despite whether they were goofy or serious. When asked which song was his favorite to play live, Kaiser told Stars he thought all his bands songs were the same. Now, a few rude comments aren’t that much of a deal, but the disrespectful comments toward the interviewer continued for over 20 minutes.

What was the most sickening was watching as Drew completely degraded Stars and brought him to tears.

Drew: “It seems like you are trying to make a mockery of all the bands that you’re interviewing…Making a mockery of that is really blasphemous. These questions are ridiculous. We don’t want to talk about these types of things, we want to talk about our art…This is a music interview and we are musicians.”

Stars: “To be fair though, I have put my passion and my heart and soul and travelled all over the country and poured thousands of hours of my time into this. I’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and every other artist I’ve had on the show love being on the show. And the interview we did, your fans love.”

Drew: “The thing is, these guys don’t appreciate questions that are bullshit because these guys are real musicians. I don’t know if you know that. And all the focus is on me when this is a three-piece band and I don’t appreciate that because it’s awkward for me…I’ve been real with you, and that’s all you can ask for from me. And realness isn’t always just happy-go-lucky questions or answers. It’s real shit and if you want to be a part of the real shit you can or you can keep being a joke…Make it more about the art and less about the scum.”

WATCH // 'Never Shout Never Interview #2 Christofer Drew 2012 (My Response)

I think, Christofer Drew fails to see his own hypocrisy. In this interview and the 2010 interview he preaches about love and killing the ego. Yet, when I watch this video, I all can see is a pretentious, egotistical prick, who thinks he is better than the guy interviewing him. How can he speak about love in the middle of tearing someone down?

An interviewer puts just as much passion and heart into their work as a musician does in their art. There should be a mutual respect between the interviewer and the interviewee. Right?!

This is not 1985, where an artist can have a “rockstar” attitude and the fans and music industry will still tolerate him. Drew is a disgrace to rock music, and that’s not even getting started on his music. Surely, other musicians don’t want this to set a standard for what to expect from a frontman of a rock band.

WATCH // 'Robot' (Lyric Video)

Other musicians have spoken out against Drew. Brian Dales of The Summer Set tweeted how he loves being on Stars’ show and ambiguously told Drew, “don’t preach love if you’re gonna turn around a bully someone else.” Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens also tweeted, "Wow Christofer Drew is soooo cool! Too bad his music doesn't match the ego! What a dick! Sorry Bryan Stars on behalf of all musicians."

Ironically the same day the video was posted Drew was arrested for possession of marijuana. Let’s just call that jail cell karma.

Christofer Drew, you need to take a step back and look in the mirror because acting like a douchebag will ruin your reputation. Also, practice what you preach.

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