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The Lowdown: Interview with A Girl Called Ruth

The Lowdown: Interview with A Girl Called Ruth

" Better to chase your dream then always wondering what if."

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire October 1st, 2012.

There have been a huge influx of exceptional talent coming from the Welsh hills and valleys over recent years. Even this year alone has seen some incredible up and coming indie artists storm the charts and take over the blogs, such as Race Horses, Cate Le Bon, Osian Rhys and many, many more. I personally believe that from a very early age you're exposed to some tremendous support if you're interested in the arts. The schools teach you about how music, theatre, arts and literature is deeply rooted in Wales, and with organisations such as The Urdd, children are able to compete in some of the most prestigious arts and culture festivals and competition the world has seen.

With this as a backdrop to Ruth's upbringing, it was only natural that she was set to take over the independent music scene. She's currently artist of the week on BBC Radio Wales and has earned a huge amount of listens on her SoundCloud page. It's only a matter of time before this lady will burst into the mainstream.

LISTEN // 'Happy Song'

AltSounds: Hey Ruth how are you?
Ruth: Very good thanks! Excited to be doing this interview with you! And a fellow North Walian too!!

AltSounds: So you’re from North Wales, like me, how come you’ve decided to head on over to London to sing?

Ruth: Well, Luckily enough a year ago I was discovered and signed by Scouting For Girls managers Jake McNeill and Diane Wagg. It was a slow start getting going as I was literally going straight from bedroom musician to the big Music Industry but eventually things started picking up and I thought I wanted to be where it's all happening! I wanted to be in the thick of it all! So the timing was right, my gut instinct felt good so I headed on down!

AltSounds: Oh, very exciting! When did you decide “I want to be a singer, and I’ll do what it takes”?

Ruth: It was about a year ago - I was frustrated and lost - I wanted to do it but didn’t understand how and thought it would always just be a dream so thought what was the point? So, Dad stepped in and said "fine okay give up, get rid of your guitar & keyboard, no more writing and forget about singing" ...after him saying that I felt sick to the stomach. And that’s when I knew that this was everything to me and that I had to do this. Everyone has a purpose in life and this is mine - to share my music.

AltSounds: Do you think growing up in Wales has helped nurture your talent at all? We did so much creative arts in school, which was wonderful!

Ruth: Without a doubt yes. I know for a fact if I didn’t grow up in Wales during my teens I would never have done my music as we couldn’t afford it back in day and it was only in Wales that I came out of shell. There was so much opportunity in school to be creative from music to English and writing your own stories. Everyone was able to be themselves and express their talents in school without feeling silly as people were so supportive and kind.

AltSounds: I definitely concur! There has been a massive influx of indie Welsh artists breaking into the scene recently, who’s your favourite?

Ruth: I know, It’s amazing!! We're getting on the map! "Ocean Red" from Cardiff is currently on my playlist! And they are the nicest guys too! And the Welsh Language Band Genod Droog were awesome fun back in day. I can’t understand much Welsh but when it comes to music it really isn’t a barrier. If you love how it sounds that’s all that matters!

AltSounds: What have you been up to over the summer, have you played many gigs?

Ruth: Been working hard trying to prepare for my debut single release of You I See October 21st, so lots of getting out and about and social networking! Amazing how important the online stuff is for getting heard. It’s serious admin but it really does work and your meet some amazing people. Been building up my confidence and experience too by hitting the open mics and getting feedback! The only way to improve is to listen and learn as my dad says.

LISTEN // 'You I See'

AltSounds: It makes such a difference, for sure. Where’s been the best gig you’ve played so far?

Ruth: Without a doubt, London's Natural History Museum. I never thought I would be able to say that I performed behind the backside of a Dinosaur! The place is beautiful, I was completely venue struck. Such an amazing honour!

AltSounds: Haha wow, that’s awesome! Have you been given anything random from a fan?

Ruth: Not from a stranger but my manager gave me a pen he stole after playing the History Museum to say ‘Well Done’. That pen has been a saviour when I’ve needed one! My mum usually hands out things to my fans though... she once gave out grapes at a festival. She thought people would be hungry and would want a healthy snack – she’s on the ball!

AltSounds: Cute! I’m definitely going to look for your mum when I catch you live. Who was constantly on your music player whilst you were growing up?

Ruth: Constants were Natalie Imbruglia, Sheryl Crow, Match Box Twenty, No Doubt, Avril Lavigne – a lot of American & British indie/rock bands like Feeder & Foo Fighters during my skater days, my parents influence of Queen, Bowie, Led Zeppelin & Cat Stevens and also without a doubt The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - I was in love with Anthony Keidis! I love everything though, from System of A Down, to Vivaldi, to Bowie... even VengaBoys! How much I wanted to be on that Venga Bus. I just like have different music for every mood!

LISTEN // 'You I See' (Nixon Remix)

AltSounds: That’s exactly my sorta music! Haha, oh the days of being a skater girl. I hear ya on that too. The autumn has settled in, are you fan of the season or more of a spring/summer girl?

Ruth: I’m a fan of whenever it doesn’t rain, snow, ice and where the wind doesn’t prevent me walking in a straight line. But I do love the spring - not too cold, not too hot and I won’t suffer from frozen toes or sunburn! I never worry about getting a bikini body… you won’t be able to see it under the layers of t-shirts, shorts and sun cream to stop getting burnt!!

AltSounds: What do you take inspiration from when you write your songs?

Ruth: I usually take it from my personal experiences, which I have plenty of. Usually about guys too as I have no clue when it comes to them as I don’t understand games or rules so I usually end up making a mess of things, getting hurt or falling pretty bad. So, song writing is my way of venting my feelings and knowing people can relate makes the whole process a lot better. Finding new/old music and going to gigs gets me inspired to write too!

AltSounds: Do you have any advice for up and coming singer songwriters who’s trying to break it into the music industry?

Ruth: Don’t give up, be patient, work hard (even when you are ready to throw your computer out the window), take risks, take the criticism/advice and learn from it to get better! But most importantly enjoy, be proud and celebrate each occasion whether it’s an open mic or your first radio play... it could all be over before you know it so enjoy it! Better to chase your dream then always wondering "what if?"

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