File-O-Facts: Jeff Ting of Mayday Radio

File-O-Facts: Jeff Ting of Mayday Radio

The Best Thing About Live Music Is: "The energy in the room"

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The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Jeff Ting. Want to know more about this up and coming artist? Here you can find out loads of snappy facts about this new talent...

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Jeff Ting [Mayday Radio]
Star Sign: Pisces
Place of Birth: Holyoke MA
Now Based At: New York City
Level of Education: Masters, Electrical Engineering

First Instrument Played: Piano
Current Instrument: Guitar, Voice, Piano
Last Venue Played: Album release show at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC for my new disc Don Quixote
Last Gig Attended: Griffen Alexander at The Bitter End
Can't Go On Tour Without: 2 capos

The Best Thing About Live Music Is: The energy in the room
The Person I Would Most To Collaboration Is: Jimmy Page
Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is: People playing along to tracks on stage
Best Thing About The Current Music Industry: Free internet distribution [e.g. youtube]

Turn On: Intelligence
Turn Off: Ignorance
Biggest Influence: U2
My Favourite Person On TV Right Now Is: Claire Danes
Childhood Hero: Martin Luther King, Jr

When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be: a comic book artist
Last Album Bought: Madi Diaz - We Threw Our Hearts in the Fire
Last Song Listened To On MP3 Player: Soundgarden – Black Saturday
The Music I'm Into Is: Alt Rock
Favourite Current Band: Young the Giant

My Favourite Drink Has To Be: Vodka Soda
My Favourite Book Is: Jurassic Park
My Favourite Website Is:
My Favourite Item Of Clothing Is: my winter boots
My Favourite Shop Is: H&M

The Best Boredom Buster Is: Get out the guitar
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: Schindler’s List
My Ultimate Snack Is: apples and peanut butter
The Worst Food Invented Is: processed snacks [e.g. potato chips]
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: reach for my glasses, i’m blind haha

I Can't Leave The House Without: wallet, phone, keys
I'm Well Known For: making people smile
My Hobbies Are: Painting and drawing, reading
I Have A Passion For: justice and fairness

First Band Name:
Tomorrow I Will: rehearse the set for the Boston gig
My Biggest Aspiration: to change the Washington Political Machine / decrease the amount of money that influences politics
I Think AltSounds is: a cool music site

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