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My New Favourite Band: Haim // Issue #5

My New Favourite Band: Haim // Issue #5

"If you do one thing with the last few weeks of 2012 make sure you check out this band before the lamestream catches on"

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire March 10th, 2013.

It’s basically now the end of the year, so the lists and the reminiscing are coming thick and fast as you might expect and while these three haven’t yet released a record (they have an EP) they’ve been the band on everybody’s lips for a large part of 2012. They have the internet in a tizz about whether they’re the second coming or another overhyped fashionista farce. Their live shows are –apparently—wildly raucous shows at which the likes of Alex Turner have been spotted, which leads on to the final point that anyone who’s anyone is into these guys right now. Of course I’m talking about Haim.

Este, Danielle, and Alana, the three sister’s from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California are the girls next door, there’s the foul mouthed one, the introverted one, and the one who’s a perfect combination of both. One thing they do all share though is that they’re all a little more than accomplished at playing their instruments. Then again they’ve been playing in a band with their parents since they were five, so you’d hope some of it sunk in.

Not since the 90’s have we had an all-female band that are this good, which isn’t surprising since Haim’s sound bursts straight out of that decade, but not without first blitzing through the classic 70’s rock scene to pick up some riffs and synth psychadelia along the way. If you want proof that they’re as good and clever as everyone says then just check out their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’ or their own ‘Don’t Save Me’ which channels a little Stevie Nicks itself.

WATCH // Haim - 'Oh Well' (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

In 2012 straight up rock and roll isn’t really the ‘done’ thing in these days of auto tuned pop, post dub-step, sea-punk, chillwave, noise wobble core and whatever else might exist in the slipstreams of the internet and this is the most bizarre thing about Haim’s success; they are quite simply a rock band. And an inventive one at that. They work in some fluid R&B vocals and the innocent and poppy handclap, but it’s all underscored by steady and reliable guitar lines and drum beats. From the hushed and staccato approach of ‘Go Slow’ to the slow build and release of ‘Better Off’, the surf pop of ‘Forever’ and the brassy avant pop of ‘Send Me Down’ their complex layered sound is effortlessly cool and borderline addictive.

On the back of the few scintillating tracks they’ve released thus far they’ve unsurprisingly bagged themselves two very large record deals in both the US and the UK. With a debut record due next year, 2013 looks set to be Haim’s for the taking. So, if you do one thing with the last few weeks of 2012 make sure you check out this band before the lamestream catches on.

WATCH // Haim - 'Forever'

For fans of: Fleetwood Mac, Best Coast, beaches.

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