File-O-Facts: Adam Lipinski of Ratham Stone

File-O-Facts: Adam Lipinski of Ratham Stone

Turn On: "Kelly Clarkson is one of my all time favorite performers"

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The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Adam Lipinski. Want to know more about this up and coming artist? Here you can find out loads of snappy facts about this new talent...

WATCH // Ratham Stone - 'My Ride'

Name: Adam Lipinski
Star Sign: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Bradenton FL
Now Based At: Orlando Fl
Level of Education: I went to Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell Ohio and graduated in 2008.

First Instrument Played: Saxophone was the first instrument i learned in 4th grade.
Current Instrument: Guitar, Piano,and harmonica is what i currently play in our band Ratham Stone.
Last Venue Played: House of Blues or Backbooth in Orlando were the latest shows we played.
Last Gig Attended: Silversun Pickups was the last band I saw live and they were awesome.
Can't Go On Tour Without: We can’t go on tour without Twitter (@rathamstone, @rathaddum, @andrewlipinski) we love staying connected with our fans and friends and twitter is one of the best ways to do so.

The Best Thing About Live Music Is: The best thing about live music is watching everyone have a good time.
The Person I Would Most To Collaboration Is: Bob Dylan would be a part of my dream collaboration.
Worst Thing To Happen To Music Is: The death of John Lennon is probably one of the worst things to happen to music. Who knows how many great songs we have missed out on.
Best Thing About The Current Music Industry: The amount of music thats out there makes it easy for a person to find exactly what they are looking for.

Turn On: Kelly Clarkson is one of my all time favorite performers.
Turn Off: -
Biggest Influence: Friends and family are my biggest influences.
My Favourite Person On TV Right Now Is: Jimmy Fallon is my favorite TV personality. Maybe one day I will get to be on his Late Night show.
Childhood Hero: Superman

When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be: Older
Last Album Bought: Death Cab For Cutie
Last Song Listened To On MP3 Player: Tom Petty- Breakdown
The Music I'm Into Is: I am into all kinds of music but i prefer rock and pop with cool melodies and vibes.
Favourite Current Band: Augustana and Death Cab For Cutie are my favorite bands that currently tours.

My Favourite Drink Has To Be: My favorite drinks would be coffee and powerade... Never together though
My Favourite Book Is: I dont really enjoy reading.
My Favourite Website Is: Twitter is my favorite website.
My Favourite Item Of Clothing Is: Hats and shoes are my favorite clothing items.
My Favourite Shop Is: My favorite shop is I could buy anything i want without leaving my house.

The Best Boredom Buster Is: Twitter is the best boredom buster because its a live feed of people all over the world!
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: The Prestige is one of my favorite movies. If you havnt seen it I highly recommend it.
The Worst Food Invented Is: coconuts are the world food in the world.. yuck
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is: make coffee

I Can't Leave The House Without: I could never leave my house without my phone.
I'm Well Known For: -
My Hobbies Are: writing songs and motocross are a couple of my favorite hobbies.
I Have A Passion For: Music has always been a passion of mine.

First Band Name:
Ratham Stone is the first band i have been apart of.
Tomorrow I Will: Tomorrow I will think about tomorrow.
My Biggest Aspiration: My biggest Aspiration is to win a Grammy
I Think AltSounds is: Awesome is what I think of Altsounds

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