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File-O-Facts: Dave of Oxymorrons

File-O-Facts: Dave of Oxymorrons

"No one has to be in a box anymore. Which is awesome for the current and future music industry."

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The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Dave of Oxymorrons. Want to know more about this up and coming artist? Here you can find out loads of snappy facts about this new talent...

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Name: Dave aka Deee
Star Sign: Virgo
Place of Birth: Haiti
Now Based: New York
Level of Education: Bachelors Degree

First Instrument:
Current Instrument: none (vocals)
Last Venue Played: The Paper Box in Brooklyn Ny for CMJ Week.
Last Gig Attended: Well, last show I attend was Passion Pit with openers Matt and Kim. The show was awesome Passion Pit blew me away their live show was amazing.
Can't Go on Tour Without: My fav Nike sweats they are so comfy and I wear them everyday. They are not the wide leg sweats they are the ones with the elastic that hugs the ankles. Can't go wrong with those in my eyes.

The Best Thing About Live Music Is: The energy you feel in the air while at a live show. When the band/act is amazing and are putting out "eargasm" Like frequencies that captivate the entire crowd. There is nothing like it.
Worst Thing to Happen to Music is: "Pirating" it makes things tougher in a already difficult industry. While music is being stolen and given out for free. The process of creating , recording, and distributing music at a professional level isn't free.
Best Thing About the Current Music Industry: Is the power shift that is happening, the acceptance of multi genre fusion artist. I feel like good music is good music and blending different styles help make different sounds. No one has to be in a box anymore. Which is awesome for the current and future music industry.

Turn On: A bubbly personality, anyone with an awesome personality will draw me to them naturally
Turn Off: An ugly personality, this will make me run as far away from someone as I can get.
Biggest Influence: My biggest influence is my dad he is so humble and dedicated like no other. His work ethic and brain power has always amazed me. I hope before I go I can become half the man he is.
My Favorite Person on TV Right Now Is: Kevin Hart he is so funny , it's inspiring to watch him come from the bottom and work his to the top. I can't help but laugh my ass off when ever he is on. I swear I cry every time.
Childhood Hero: I don have one childhood hero... My child heroes are my parents. No matter what happened no matter how much I got upset with them they were always there for me. I watched them work their ass off to provide what very little we had growing up. So in my eyes they are my heroes and will always be.

When I was Younger I Wanted to Be:
an FBI field agent. I wanted to be out there on my James Bond shit. Always wanted to flash my badge and take a random persons car to chase the bad guy lol. That's why I went to college for criminal justice.
Last Album Bought: I bought Cold Play's Mylo Xyloto and Kendrick Lamar's Good kid m.A.A.d city at the same time. I love Cold Play ya bishh lol. But been a huge fan of Kendrick since I was blown away by Section 80. I guess this is a great example of what the oxymorons are lol. I love all genres of music good music is good music.
Last Song Listened to on My MP3 Player Was: Twenty One Pilots "Holding On To You". I been up on these guys for a while now and I love their sound. Happy to see them blowing up and getting lots of shine since signing with Fueled by Ramen.
The Music I'm Into Is: everything!!!! I'm an Oxymorron god damn it.. (pardon my language).

My Favourite Current Band: right now is Cold Play their last album has been the Sunday track to my life the last few months. But that does change from time to time since there are so many bands/artist I like to listen to depending on the mood that I'm in.
My Favourite Drink Is: Pinnacle whipped vodka with Diet Coke. I don't like to drink those calories and its a cheaper version of jack & coke, but I Chink it taste better....So it's my turn up juice.
My Favourite Book Is: This is a tough one since I've read so many books. But I was have to say " The Art of Peace " by Morihei Ueshiba translated and Edited by John Stevens. I chose this book because since my brother Ashmy aka Ki of Oxymorrons brought it to my attention, it has been my go to for peaceful clear thinking literature. My brother has played a major role in my journey of connecting with my inner consciousness and the art of peace is someone what of a daily manual I highly recommend it.
My Favourite Website Is: lol .. Na to be honest I actually don't have a fav website. I go to so many of them for various reasons, but there isn't one that stands at the top of them to me.

My Favorite Item of Clothing is:
My sock collection. I have so many cool socks if I'm not wearing shorts just lift my pants legs any anytime and you are bound to see something interesting!
My Favourite Shop is: There are various shops for many I different things and I would have to says it tough to pic a fav. But generally I go for small shops with unique items.
The Best Boredom Buster is: Going out for a long walk or a long drive when I'm alone on the open road it's tends to relax me and I never get bored taking in what universe has to offer.
The Best Film I Ever Saw Was: "The Devil Wears Prada" haha, yes I said. It may not be an Oscar winning block buster but I love that movie, it's one of my favs. Plus I got a huge crush on Ann Hathaway so...... (Kanye shrug)

My Ultimate Snack is: Anything gummy . Gummy bears , gummy worms , gummy eyes, gummy frogs if its gummy you name it ill eat it.
The Worst Food Invented is: Union pie !!!! Yuck I hate unions so baking an union pie and giving it to me is like handing me cinnamon crusted shit!!!
The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up is: thank God for another day , while checking my emails for the Oxy's
I Can't Leave the House Without: My iPhone leaving the house without my phone is like lading with no pants.

I'm Well Know For: My loyalty and dedication to those I love and care for. I'll do anything for my fam fam. ( my family is more then blood relatives).
My Hobbies Are: Reading, playing video games and going to the gym working out/playing basketball for 1000 hours lol.
I Have a Passion For: Life, living it to the fullest you only have one so live to the way you want to.

First Band Name: Was "Main Frame"and oh boy If Guke ever releases that old will ya be in for a treat lol .
Tomorrow I Will: Watch the NBA all-star game and hope my favorite play Lebron James gets the MVP.
My Biggest Aspiration is: To someday be an amazing husband and father ( yup I'm a family man)
I think AltSounds is: An amazing site keep up the good work ya! And I truly appreciate the love and support!

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