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WATCH | Weathered Hands - Riviera

Taken from their debut album 'A Warm Life In The Cold'.

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire August 4th, 2014.

Weathered Hands release their brand new video for their 2nd single 'Riviera' from their debut album 'A Warm Life In The Cold'. You can watch the video in the player above.

Weathered Hands are 5 friends from Hereford who play emotional hardcore. There are no gimmicks, elaborate stories or trends to hide behind. Weathered Hands are purveyors of raw, passion & righteous distress.

A band concerned with conveying stories which will consume the hearts & minds of their listeners as their forthcoming EP 'Of All The People That I've Left, Each One Has Died Of Loneliness' clearly displays. The record showcases a talent & creative power beyond their average age of 20. This release will establish Weathered Hands as one of the most enthralling new prospects on the bland hardcore landscape of the UK.

Growing & evolving at a frenetic pace, Weathered Hands already possess a discography to be proud of as 2012 saw the release of two EPs - 'End Of The Road' & 'Unison'. Out of the studio, Weathered Hands have been honing their live skills across the UK with such bands as The Catharsis, Black Shapes & The Cold Harbour. With the summer seeing the release of their new EP & a debut full length slated for early 2014, the 5 friends show no signs of slowing as a artistic force.

As the title of their forthcoming EP would suggest, Weathered Hands are not afraid to bare their scars & wear their hearts on their sleeves. 'Of All The People...' is the lovingly & delicately constructed tale of two lovers struggling with the torment of mental illness finding peace only in death. For a young band to show such personality & fearless desire to break away from their contemporaries is commendable. Where Weathered Hands find their strength is in their honesty. This is truthful. This is wholehearted. This is powerful. This is Weathered Hands & this is their time.

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