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New Split 7" from The Wonder Years and All Or Nothing

New Split 7" from The Wonder Years and All Or Nothing

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New 7" from The Wonder Years and UK's All Or Nothing coming to you March 10th, 2009, featuring 2 brand new tracks from your NSR favorites, The Wonder Years, and 2 brand new tracks from UK's new favorite, All Or Nothing. Some 7"'s will have a postcard for you to send a letter to a friend wherever they may be, tell them you miss them, whatever (you will also be able to get a postcard on their upcoming short tour, or with orders from various places maybe, postcards are LTD to only 500). Pre-orders will be up early February at, there will be special package deals and special freebie items with orders, more info to come! For now check out a brand new song from both of the bands on their myspace pages or at Check out the below info on the new split 7" entitled Distances.

Jack Kerouac once wrote, "Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life." Sometimes, it seems like life on the road is nothing more than a jumble of airport terminals and postcards, gas stations and cramped apartments. Sometime, home feels less like the place you grew up and more like a scattered collection of familiar couches and good friends. Sometimes, we meet people along the way who make impacts on our lives we can never really calculate.

In the fall of 2007, THE WONDER YEARS flew to England for a two-week stint they lovingly named "The Hostels and Brothels Tour" with Birmingham pop punk giants ALL OR NOTHING. For 14 days, the United Kingdom felt the wrath of 16 boys armed with an array of bad ideas and way too much alcohol. The country may never be the same. A year later, the two bands are joining again to create a transatlantic split 7-inch. Focusing on the importance of the friends we meet traveling, each band has produced two new tracks sure to please fans on either side of the pond. THE WONDER YEARS headed back into the studio with producer-extraordinaire Vince "The Ratti" Ratti. The songs reflect life at home in Philadelphia and speak to influences like THE STARTING LINE, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, shitty living conditions and petty crime, using more dynamic song structures than ever before. On the other side of the Atlantic, ALL OR NOTHING hit Outhouse Studio again with production-duo O'Grady and Mitchell.

The Birmingham quartet turned out two sparkling new tracks of heavy pop punk with dueling vocals. The songs, which are influenced by bands like NEW FOUND GLORY and HOT WATER MUSIC, are sure to keep listeners in a good mood as they find themselves singing the hooks all day. This new 7", titled Distances, aims to keep far-away friends in mind. Go write to someone you can't see often. Tell them you miss them and that you'll party soon enough.

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