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Dangerous Summer Tour Kicks Off

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Singer-songwriter Bobby Long, whose song "Let Me Sign" is included in the soundtrack the blockbuster film "Twilight," is set for what he's calling the Dangerous Summer Tour of the United States to begin in late July. Long recently completed a series of showcase tastemaker appearances in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville, playing to SRO crowds who had discovered his music via the film, YouTube and his ever-changing MySpace page (

Long has independently released a 10-song recording of original material called DIRTY POND SONGS that he recorded in his bedroom to make available at his shows and via the internet. He refers to it as "a big EP" or his "bootleg album" rather than a proper CD ("You can even hear traffic sounds from outside my bedroom window on some of the tracks"), which he has plans to make at the end of the year. The single from DIRTY POND SONGS, "Let Me Lie," is downloadable from iTunes, where it reached #1 on their "Unsigned" chart and #8 on the Folk chart. The soundtrack from "Twilight," which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and has remained on the chart for over six months, is also available from iTunes. Bobby Long's second single, a live version of "Being A Mockingbird" recorded at Arlene's Grocery in New York on April 14, is now available via digital outlets.

Long, who was born in northern England and grew up in the Southwestern area known as Wessex, has been living and performing in London for the past three years while attending London Metropolitan University. He will receive his diploma next month-after turning in his thesis on the social impact of American folk music-just as he embarks full time on a music career. His friendship with "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, who he met while both did the rounds of music open mic nights in London, led to "Let Me Sign," co-written with friend Marcus Foster and sung by Pattinson in the film, being included in a crucial dramatic scene.

The tall (6'2"), shaggy-haired 22-year-old Long taps his wealth of original material for his live concert repertoire. Rotating the songs streaming on his MySpace site has resulted in fans shouting out requests and knowing the words to sing along. His tour of America in April was a heady experience for Long, whose folk and blues influences range from Leonard Cohen to Elliott Smith to Mississippi John Hurt. "Left to Lie," the single from DIRTY POND SONGS, has been described by some as "depressing," but Long looks at that philosophically: "I didn't mean to write a depressing song about death; it just kind of came out that way. I think it's just life really, you know. Death is kind of like a vehicle; sort of a way of explaining other things."

Other songs included on DIRTY POND SONGS are "Dead and Done," "Being a Mockingbird," "The Old Shamed Face," "A Passing Tale," "Penance Fire Blues," "The Rattle and Roll," "So Tear Me Up," "The Bounty of Mary Jane" and the plaintive "Who Have You Been Loving."

Current plans have Long touring the U.S. into September, with dates still being booked. He's both excited and ready. "I haven't released anything and to come over here (the U.S.) and to do it is a dream really. You know for any English artist to come to America and play is just the pinnacle of what you want to do. So being able to do it so early is a really, really cool thing."
UPCOMING SHOWS You can catch Bobby Long during The "Dangerous Summer" Tour at:

July 26-S.O.Bs, New York City;
27-Arlene's Grocery, New York City;
28-North Star Bar, Philadelphia;
30-Twicon Film Event, Dallas;
31-Poor David's Pub, Dallas;

August 1-Twicon Film Event, Dallas;
2-Room 710, Austin;
3-Mama Java's Coffee House, Phoenix;
4 & 5-The Hotel Café, Los Angeles;
7-Elbo Room, San Francisco;
9-Berbati's Pan, Portland;
10-El Corazon, Seattle;
11-Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, BC;
12-Hi-Dive, Denver;
13-The Loft, Colorado Springs;
16-St. Louis;
17-Neil's Music Room, Memphis, TN;
19-3rd & Lindsley, Nashville;
20-The Earl, Atlanta;
22-New Orleans;
23-Dunedin Brewery, Tampa;
26-Key West;
30-Small's Bar, Detroit;
31-Double Door, Chicago;

September 1-Washington, DC;
2-North Star Bar, Philadelphia;
5-L'Hemisphere Gauche, Montreal;

9 & 10-Arlene's Grocery, New York City;
11-Drew Hall, New York.

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