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Sore Eros set to release 'Second Chants'

Sore Eros set to release 'Second Chants'

Released on 6th July on Shdwply

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“This is only the beginning, and clearly one of the most impressive beginnings in quite a while.” Tiny Mix Tapes

Sore Eros are Robert Robinson, Adam Langellotti, Andy Tomasello though it is a result of Robinson’s musical vision - which he has developed over the past decade – that has driven the band to produce the quietly mind-blowing frazzled, psychedelic goodness of their debut album, Second Chants.

The band veer towards the likes of Animal Collective and Panda Bear but do so without coming across as trend-following also-rans. The deep thread of pop experimentation as well as the invigorating take through cosmic country ('Hey, Look At The Sky!') makes Second Chants a fantastic collision of lush sounds and textures to which, as Robinson explains is "influenced more by the changing of the leaves in the autumn and the snow in the winter, rather then the palm trees of Los Angeles".

Though Robinson currently lives in northern Connecticut, he has spent the past five-plus years living in different American cities and collaborating with different musicians.

In 2004, Robert Robinson moved to L.A. and, through a mutual friend, quickly hooked up with Ariel Pink, who had recently signed with Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label. Along with John Maus. Robert served as a member of Ariel’s backing band for his ensuing European tour. Shortly afterward, he was recruited by Panda Bear (of Animal Collective) to accompany him on his British tour preceding the release of the critically acclaimed 2007 album Person Pitch.

Returning to the States, Robert moved back to his native Connecticut and began work again on his Sore Eros project. After writing a number of new songs during the first half of 2008, Robert stumbled upon an old mix tape that a friend had given him years back. That friend happened to be Adam Langellotti, and the tape consisted of recordings he had made in high school. Robert realized this was the sound he was looking for to complement his own and, although they had not been in touch for years, contacted Adam to help flesh out and record the songs he had been working on.

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