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HK119 new download album! 'Fast And Cheap Mixes' - Out on 14th December 2009.

HK119 new download album! 'Fast And Cheap Mixes' - Out on 14th December 2009.

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“Discovered” by an enthusiastic Björk in 2005 thanks to a tip-off from Warp Records very own Leila, Finnish multi-media artist, Heidi Kilpeläinen introduced us to her domineering alter-ego, HK119… An über-machine, electro pop bitch with issues. Dressed in slinky black catsuits and booming-out brittle, DIY electro ditties about consumerism, radiation scares and censorship, HK119 triumphantly delivered her message in style, all with her tongue firmly in cheek.
After her eponymous debut album dropped on One Little Indian Records in 2006, she followed up with one of 2008s most delicious, fun and brain-poking electronic pop albums, ‘Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control’, thanks to some glossy electro-pop co-production courtesy of the likes of I-Monster.

Following the release, HK119 threw open a window of opportunity to the world in the form of a remix challenge; An idea to release a version 2.0 of the album for 2009, to which Bit-Phalanx accepted the challenge of.

Having managed some of the UKs finest unsigned electronic recording & performing artists since 2005, Bit-Phalanx is about to relaunch itself as a new Net-Label for the electronic scene for 2009. Here, Bit-Phalanx has been given the ideal launching pad, as well a unique opportunity to take HK119 on a delightful detour into the many realms of the electronic scene.

Eleven of Bit-Phalanx’s acts and associates take ‘Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control’, deep into everything from Glitch, Dubstep, Acid, Classic IDM, Electro, Ambiance and beyond. No electronic stone is left unturned, as the troops of Bit-Phalanx deliver something for everyone with some truly mind blowing and unique interpretations of HK's messages for humanity.

HK119 vs. Bit-Phalanx - 'Fast And Cheap Mixes' will be released digitally on Monday 14th December (through One Little Indian Records). Not only this, but Bit-Phalanx will have more bonus HK material to give away very soon!

01.MIND – (Martin Phone's Bad Tempered Klavier Rexim
02.CLONE – (Cloned by Niggle)
03.SUPER BUG – (Same Actor Remix)
04.TROPIKALIA – (T-toe Remix)
05.SPACE PT.1 – (IJO’s Bardak Mix)
06.WHAT AM I – (Portmanteau Remix)
07.NIGHT – (Mr O’s RSI Mix)
08.SPACE PT.2 – (Tulin-Fėe’s Tulin Seule Mix)
09.LIBERTY – (Odan’s Isaiah Berlin Mix)
10.CELEB – (Hector Osbert Smashing A Rock In Haris Pilton’s Face Remix)
11. DIVINE – (Jilk’s Elea Remix)

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