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Asura - Asura (Non Projects / Alpha Pup)

Asura - Asura (Non Projects / Alpha Pup)

Release date - January 19th, 2010

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The concept of Asura, as taken from the work of Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa, is that of a dissolution of self and environment in the face of strong emotion. By employing this guise along with his training in the classical and jazz worlds as a bassist, cellist, guitarist, and trumpeter in such an electronic medium, Los Angeles based producer Ryan York produces a truly organic form of digital music.

The experience of falling in love in the backdrop of modern Los Angeles is central to his self-titled debut album as its simultaneously decaying and awe inspiring environments are painted in one in the same along with the beauty and struggle of a new relationship, each lending their own cracks, hisses, and echoes to the music.

What is Non Projects?

Non Projects is a brand new vinyl / download only Los Angeles record label and a digital imprint of Alpha Pup Records. While firmly planted within the ever-growing Los Angeles beat scene, Non Projects artists seek to push beyond with their ears also rooted in disciplined studies of free jazz, modern classical composition, folk song, sound design and more.


1. Asura I
2. Peptine
3. I Saw You In Vice (Anenon Birthday Remix)
4. Orrorin
5. Asura II
6. From The Beach
7. Manzanita
8. Voxels
9. Asura III
10. Her Tearing
11. Timber (w/ Ana Caravelle)
12. The Eleventh
13. Feathers

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