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The Twilight Sad 'Wrong Side Of The Car' EP (FatCat, 26th July 2010)

The Twilight Sad 'Wrong Side Of The Car' EP (FatCat, 26th July 2010)

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The Twilight Sad bookend their ‘Forget The Night Ahead’ album campaign with a new EP that leads with two brand new songs – ‘The Wrong Car’ & ‘Throw Yourself In The Water Again’ - from the original album sessions that were not completed to the band’s satisfaction in time to be included on the album, and two remixes from friends Mogwai who tackle recent single, ‘The Room’ and Errors, who give album opener ‘Reflection Of The Television’ a distinct makeover. The latter were returning the favour after Twilight Sad’s Andy MacFarlane mixed their album’s opener ‘Bridge Or Cloud’ down to an economical glitch earlier in the year (you can pick it up here Happy Birthday, Massive Attack, Jay Reatard, Errors - Free MP3 Downloads - The Daily Download - NME.COM - The world's fastest music news service, music videos, interviews, photos and free stuff to win).

‘Throw Yourself in The Water Again’ is inspired by a line from Camus ‘The Fall’ and features a video directed by David Lynch’s grand-daughter, Nicola Collins who helmed the documentary 'The End' (The End - A Film by Nicola Collins), and was also responsibe for band’s ‘The Room’ short.

The band have just finished a UK tour supporting Biffy Clyro, and are now back on the road again in the USA. Bassist Craig Orzel left the band in February with Desalvo's JohnnyDocherty currently filling in on the live front.

The band have been working on new material, and all signs are that the two and half year wait that separated ‘Fifteen Autumns’ and ‘Forget The Night Ahead’ will not be repeated.

The Twilight Sad is: Andy MacFarlane (guitars)/ James Graham (vocals)/ Mark Devine (drums)
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