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Ross Robinson Produces New Klaxons, The Return Of Korn & Repeater Continued

Ross Robinson Produces New Klaxons, The Return Of Korn & Repeater Continued

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin August 11th, 2010.

Ross Robinson’s latest production effort is the Klaxons’ sophomore album Surfing the Void, the long awaited follow up to the group's award-winning debut.His renowned skill for pioneering emerging genres in music continues with Klaxons’ latest record. The London-based nu-rave punk quartet, widely acclaimed for their singles “Golden Skans” and “Gravity’s Rainbow,” chose to work with Robinson for their follow-up LP.

“I just finished the Klaxons,” says Robinson. “It’s an extremely special band, an English four-piece. They have great vocals, tons of fire, sort of in the vein of At The Drive-In.” The compliment was definitely not an understatement with the group’s track “Echoes,” the lead single off Surfing the Void, currently seeing wide acclaim across the indie-music Blogosphere even prior to the announcement of its expected US release date.“He was that
absolute supportive figure that we’d been missing our entire lives,” Klaxons says about Robinson in a BBC Interview.

This is not the first time Robinson has played a role as the supporting pillar for a highly anticipated project. He also brings his distinctive talent with musical heavyweights to new emerging artists like Repeater, a five-piece from Long Beach, CA who’s eclectic sound of British experimental rock and art rock shows a wide-array of influences from The Cure to Mew. Repeater finished their second album, We Walk From Safety, earlier this year and their Patterns EP is available for free download on Robinson’s, I AM Recordings imprint. Their multifaceted sound, accompanied with aggressive vocals, is what caught Robinson’s attention and support with the belief that Repeater’s work would inspire its listeners.

Along with new emerging artists, he has revived the well-known fervor of veteran rock artists, Korn. "I'd come in with some lyrics," says Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis, in a recent interview with AOL’s Noisecreep, "And we'd go through them line by line and talk about everything that was behind them, and [Robinson] would really want to get inside them. And once I'd get in there and start to sing he would use those things against me, like pouring salt on the wound. He got into my head and took me to a very bad place. I relapsed into f-cking depression, hard. I got suicidal." Robinson’s approach to the creative development of the album helped Korn revert to the basics their original foundation was built on.

Robinson and Davis’s technique to achieve their vision may have been unorthodox, but has proven brilliant to the appropriately named upcoming album: “Korn III - Remember Who You Are,” recently released this past July 13. Davis says that Robinson’s method was “necessary” and thanks him for the “therapy.”

The familiar greatness shown through their latest release differs from prior Korn releases. “This one had a lot of re-wiring of the brain,” Robinson says, “to get back to the place of just making something that moves us rather than anyone else on the outside.”

The legendary rock music producer has also worked with the likes of The Blood Brothers, The Cure, At The Drive-In, Glassjaw, Slipknot, Norma and Sepultura. His notable work as a gifted music composer furthered the popularity of surfacing music genres like post- hardcore with “...Burn, Piano Island, Burn,” The Blood Brothers’ wildly popular collaboration with Robinson. He is especially famed for his production of Korn’s genre-defining self-titled debut, leading to the group’s now widespread fan-base.

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Patterns EP - Free Download Available Here

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