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Emilie Simon Announces New Album "The Big Machine," Shares MP3

Emilie Simon Announces New Album "The Big Machine," Shares MP3

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One of France's most renowned artists, Emilie Simon, launched her career in 2003 and immediately captured the imagination of a large audience with her sprawling and elegant musical fantasies, earning three Victoires de la Musique (France’s Grammy equivalent) during the course of her first three albums. She gained international acclaim for scoring the smash documentary March of the Penguins and saw her first US release in 2006 with The Flower Book. In 2008, she relocated to Brooklyn where she recorded her new album The Big Machine surrounding herself with talented guests such as Kelly Pratt and Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire) as well as Jon Natchez (Beirut) or Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure, Brazilian Girls).

The Big Machine is full of Emilie’s powerful and seductive voice, inventively playful arrangements, driving synths and rhythms, and prodigious melodies. “The Ballad of the Big Machine” driving piano and horns punctuate Emilie’s plea to let her in. The percolating rhythm of “The Cycle” commands you to dance as Emilie’s voice wraps itself around the beats and soars until the song explodes. “Rocket to the Moon” takes us back to an era that didn’t quite exist, it’s big band sound is reminiscent of the 1920s is also decorated with futuristic flourishes. “This is Your World” ends the adventure with a command to reclaim the world.

Her iconic style has made her a respected voice in fashion. She is often seen donning dresses by Yeojin Bae, Jean-Paul Gauthier or Vivienne Westwood and collaborated with Paule Ka to design her stage attire. She blazes her own trail aesthetically, incorporating vintage clothing or up and coming designers to more established names, toying with fashion as she does with sounds.

Emilie Simon is equal parts breathtaking grandeur and bewitching intimacy. Have an early listen to album track “Rainbow” where it premieres on PopMatters or HERE and watch her re-imagine the sprawling track HERE as part of her “Bedford Avenue Sessions”, a series of solo performances in her house. You can see her use “the arm” a custom instrument built for her that encases her left arm and allows her to trigger effects on her voice and samples.

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