Alex Day releases new single 'Lady Godiva'

Alex Day releases new single 'Lady Godiva'

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin February 27th, 2012.

Following on from his success of previous single 'Forever Yours' which reached number 4 in the Christmas charts despite no support from a record label. The new single gives a reinterpretation of Peter & Gordon's 1966 song 'Lady Godiva'. He's spoken on his decision to take on an existing song and give his own take on it.

"I thought I'd pick an existing really great song and modernise it - I like introducing older music to my audience and this is a really fun way of doing that".

It manages to retain its retro charm, using more old-style technological and instrumental recording techniques. Upbeat synths and chimes nestle alongside the song's lyrics, which carry a slightly more cynical undercurrent. As a result of Day's success with previous tracks, which have earned him nearly half a million subscribers to his YouTube profile 'alexday', he has been approached by all the major labels wanting to work with him. Instead he opted to work with Universal as a third-party distributor just for the physical CD release of 'Lady Godiva' and retain full control of every facet of his music and the way its released. He notes that his approach to his music so far has been "exactly what record labels would advise against".

Here is the video for his top five single 'Forever Yours'.

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