Radiohead tickets are on Viagogo... for £600

Radiohead tickets are on Viagogo... for £600

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Tickets for Radiohead’s latest UK tour are on Viagogo, despite measures put in place in order to stop secondary ticketing. Viagogo has recently been investigated by the Channel 4 Dispatches team, who went undercover as employees to shine a light at the internal workings of the company. Viagogo are a company who claims to be ‘peer to peer’ ticketing service, who are offering fans a service to sell their tickets on to other fans. However, the Channel 4 team uncovered that Viagogo buys countless amounts of tickets in order to sell at inflated prices.

Viagogo’s top price for a ticket to one of Radiohead’s gigs at the O2 in Manchester or the gig at the Manchester Arena in October is £600, plus shipping, VAT, a ticket guarantee and a £180 booking fee.

The site is also enforcing a minimum of 2 tickets to be purchased.

According to Music Week, the band’s managers Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge called secondary ticketing “wrong on so many levels”, and at the beginning of the month they announced a partnership with Ticket Trust in order to offer fans a fairer outlet to buy and sell tickets at face value, plus a handling fee capped at 10%.

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