Introducing OktoRed...

Introducing OktoRed...

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Last Edited by: Nuno Saque Ferreira April 27th, 2012.

OktoRed, hailing from Detroit MI, has been gaining some real momentum of late.

As one of Beatportal’s “Artists To Watch 2012”, and coming off his first YoSucka! imprint, ‘The Future Sounds of 8 Mile’ he wants to showcase his ability to transcend from his kind, gentle side, to a more rough, dark side.

In birth, he is a Gemini. Two sides, hardly describes his abilities as a producer, but think of his "sign" as a sign of things to come. From the beginning, OktoRed has tried to keep himself away from the pigeonholing nature of the electronic dance scene. Seamlessly blending early rave sounds with futuristic beats and melodies, he has really been coming into his own lately. From a young age, he has been into a multitude of different genres of music ranging from Ambient to Death Metal.

His next two releases will show just that.

The first of which is the more passive side of OktoRed. ‘Gemini 1’ (or the Good Side) really brings together a feeling of old Detroit style techno/house with some new moombahton flavour. The fact that he has been motivated by so many different styles and sounds becomes very apparent on tracks like ‘Relax’ and ‘Inéz’, while he brings some real deep, future bass styling on ‘The Drifter’. For fans of ‘Future Sounds of 8 Mile’, this release will be a fantastic follow up EP.

But that is only one side of our Gemini friend. The follow up release, ‘Gemini 2’ will showcase his darker, more aggressive side. Delving into rough, uninhibited bass and beat tracks, OktoRed will begin to show just how deep his production can go.

'Gemini 1 EP' by OktoRed is released on YoSucka! on 4th May.

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