Outasight Unleashes New Single "Now or Never"

Outasight Unleashes New Single "Now or Never"

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Try all you want, I don't care how much of a music snob you are, there's no way you can resist getting your smile on and hands up while listening to Outasight's brand new single "Now Or Never." Deep down inside you've got the urge to be that 16-year-old kid again, driving around in Grandma's old Honda Accord blasting music at maximum volume. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, this song is awesome. This is pop music at its best and most addictive.

Outasight is Yonkers, NY native Richard Andrew. The guy next door who has worked his ass off to get a shot at the big time and has risen to the occasion. Back in the day, OU used to deliver food to the Pepsi compound up in Purchase New York. Flash forward to present day, life has come full circle for Outasight when Pepsi used his first single, "Tonight Is The Night" in their biggest television ad campaign of the last decade. "Tonight Is The Night" went on to become a bonafide smash, a hit that's nearing platinum status. OU performed his hit song w/The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in January.

Outasight Tour Dates:
4/27 - Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University
4/28 - Purchase, NY: Manhattanville College
4/29 - Hampton Beach, NH: Wally's Pub
5/1 - South Burlington, VT: Higher Ground
5/2 - Allentown, PA: Crocodile Rock Café
5/4 - New Haven, CT: Toad's Place
5/7 - Williamsport, PA: Community Arts Center
5/8 - Las Vegas, NV: PURE Nightclub
5/11 - Chula Vista, CA: Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
5/19-20 - Asbury Park, NJ: Bamboozle
6/2 - Kansas City, MO: Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park

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