Anti-Social Music to release ‘Sleeps Around’ on may 22!

Anti-Social Music to release ‘Sleeps Around’ on may 22!

Vinyl accompanied by exclusive paperboard edition of interactive 3-D cube-like sculpture by Scrapworm.

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Last Edited by: Nuno Saque Ferreira May 26th, 2012.

In 2004, the NYC composer-performer collective Anti-Social Music inaugurated a commissioning/collaboration program they called 'Anti-Social Music Sleeps Around, in which they approached artists working outside the concert music world and offered them the tools and assistance to write a chamber work. The first two installments, with the New Jersey hip-hop triodälek and Detroit's His Name Is Alive, appear on Anti-Social Music's 2012 release, 'Anti-Social Music Sleeps Around,' limited to 400 copies of 180-gram vinyl , presented within a truly unique jacket: an exclusive paperboard edition of multimedia artist Scrapworm’s interactive 3-D cube-like sculpture “electrons shifting.”

The collaborations have continued between ASM and both artists, including a ASM stalwarts Pat Muchmore and Jean Cook's contributions to dälek's 2007 classic Abandoned Language (Ipecac), Alap Momin of dälek's production of Franz Nicolay's 2012 Do The Struggle; 2006 and 2008 creative residencies with HNIA’s Warn Defeverin New York City and last year’s world premiere of Defever’s “Cloud Bridge” in ASM’s first ever Detroit appearance.

New Jersey-based indie hip-hop crew dälek weighed in with a 20-minute monstrosity of kidney-rattling low-end, as interpreted by the ASM orchestra, here with 3 strings, 4 winds, 3 pianos, amplified tuba, octave-dropped bass clarinet, and contrabass. Their original electronic piece, released on dälek’s 2009 compilation Deadverse Massive Vol. 1 - Dälek Rarities 1999-2006 was transcribed and orchestrated by Anti-Social Music in 2005

His Name Is Alive’s "After Devil's Night," a late-Coltrane-esque atmosphere piece over a bed of rattling bells and percussion, is based on “the belief in an unseen power beneath the life and movement in all nature: the shapeless shape, the formless form. Instead of focusing on the quiet unconscious process of birds singing, suns shining, or clouds distributing rain, this piece explores the musical / political landscape of the city of Detroit and how its drifted along seemingly without goals and purpose for over thirty years.” The first performance by ASM of After Devils Night in 2005 involved handmade “spirit boxes” and “cloud amps” described best here.

electrons shifting’ was originally created with acrylic medium, silkscreen and paper on polycarbonate in 2006. States multimedia artist Scrapworm: “While the 13” unfolding book/package design grew from my creative goals to represent unfolding extra dimensions in a symmetrical 10 panel, open ‘cube’ for sculptural reshaping by viewers; the typed ‘message’ still seems a transmission from beyond myself. Transcribing as a shortwave listener would a numbers station, the text feels timely for distribution right know as we collectively spin on the wavespell spiral of 2012.

The original three-dimensional interactive sculpture has been reproduced in an exclusive limited paperboard edition of 400 to house Anti-Social Music’s Sleeps Around vinyl release. The package includes instructions as well as adhesive dots that will help the user position and re-position the sculpture in various modes.

has collaborated with ASM since 2001, and her hallucinatory “Music for ASM” video projection from 2007 was created to accompany live performances of the dälek chamber piece (most recently presented in a dramatic surround 4-screen production at the now defunct Monkeytown in Williamsburg). A video version of the projection is viewable here.

Anti-Social Music is a nonprofit collective of composers and performers from New York City that has produced the world premiere of over 150 chamber works written in the last decade by more than 30 obscure composers working at the wild edges of concert music. ASM has performed everywhere from the Nuyorican Poets Café toMerkin Hall to the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Café in NYC, and has recently become interested in new music from Ukraine, touring five cities in 2010 and bringing two groundbreaking young composer/performers for their NYC debuts earlier this year.

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