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Last Edited by: Nuno Saque Ferreira December 3rd, 2012.

Most bands find it difficult defining their sound and putting into words exactly what their vision is. This is not the case for your new favourite band, electronic three-piece The Good Natured. "We call it pop with a heart or modern wave pop noir," explains vocalist Sarah McIntosh, who, along with brother Hamish (bass and synths) and drummer George Hinton, make up a band that started initially as a solo project for the precocious Sarah, but has now morphed into a proper band creating sky-scraping future pop classics. "Our songs are all about bringing dark emotions to a pop place".

The Good Natured have spent much of 2012 working hard on their debut album. The first fruit from their labour of love will be the new song ‘5-HT’. The band have collaborated with experimental pop maverick Richard X, creating a 90s rave-tinged, drum and bass-referencing dancefloor banger. Sarah says “5-HT is a chemical within the human body which helps to release serotonin in our brains. The song explores the contrast between love and pain, and the notion that love is a drug.

5-HT’ has been remixed by a slew of new producers: Kat Krazy, one of the hottest remixers this year, delivers a driving electro-house anthem; Ghostwerk rewind back to the mid 1990s with their Armand Van Helden-esque take on the song complete with low-end basslines and spinbacks; Loadstar (music production duo formally known as Xample & Lomax signed to Ram records) deliver a remix of stadium-sized proportions with its mammoth wobble bass; finally, Duncan Murray takes his remix into deeper techno territory with its hypnotic synths.

The band’s first single for Regal, the breathtaking ‘Skeleton’, has come to define The Good Natured. Produced by Swedish pop overlord Patrik Berger (Robyn, Lana Del Rey, Those Dancing Days), it's the song that got them signed and the song that marked the passage from Sarah's early EPs (Warriors and Your Body Is A Machine) to the fully-fleshed sound of the band. Released in the UK and the US in 2011 (the band already have a fervent American fanbase, including the hugely influential Martin Kierszenbaum of Cherrytree Records who manages the band), ‘Skeleton’ is a landmark song in the band's career so far.

For their debut album (due for release summer 2013) the band run the full pop gamut, channelling their influences both from the past and the present and creating something that feels completely fresh and relevant. Drawing inspiration from sex, love and fantasy - they twist these through their prism, refracting them into fascinating imagery. The band revel in the bleaker aspects of human emotion, massive, joyful sky-scraping choruses abound, the strange juxtaposition of the two at the root of most great pop moments. As if creating a brilliant debut album wasn't time-consuming enough, the band also made time earlier this year to work with electro-pop legend Vince Clark from Depeche Mode. Together they collaborated on a new song, the throbbing ‘Ghost Train’, which was included on an exclusive mix they made for BBC 6 Music.

The Good Natured
’s sound is so clearly defined and so brilliantly conceived because they've taken their time to hone it and build it to where it is now. No overnight sensations who rise from nowhere and crash and burn; The Good Natured are here to stay.

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