Photo Ops Announce Debut LP and Release Video For "It Makes Me Cry"

Photo Ops Announce Debut LP and Release Video For "It Makes Me Cry"

'How To Say Goodbye' LP Available February 26, 2013

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Photo Ops is the dream-pop project from Terry Price, and is pleased to release the video for "It Makes Me Cry," the first single from his upcoming LP How To Say Goodbye. The track is one of the many gems on the album, layering Price's charming vocals over smooth instrumentation coupled with his knack for writing an infectious hook. The video was directed by Jordan Noel and shows Price going through the motions of a daily grind and lost in a daze. Price says of the video:
"filmed in one day at my house and around my neighborhood in Nashville - The video is a visual collage representing the feelings of isolation and longing for love that I tried to convey in the song."

How To Say Goodbye draws on the tragedy and triumph of his recent past. The 30-year-old Nashville singer-songwriter, formerly of esteemed indie act Oblio, has had a traumatizing few years, including the death of his father and the sudden onset of a disfiguring medical condition.

"I wanted to have a stylized, melodic, easy-to-understand album about sadness and pain and strangeness, and somehow find some catharsis," he says. Indeed the concise and beautiful work -- which draws on influences from Phil Spector, Paul Simon, Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac to dream pop acts of The Radio Dept. and Starflyer 59-- is his attempt to move forward in his life and give comfort to others.

Price played nearly all of the instruments on the record, including acoustic and electric guitar, the Roland Juno-60 analog synthesizer, organ, piano, and bass. He co-produced it with Patrick Damphier of Saddle Creek act The Mynabirds, at the latter's studio. Featuring driving, mesmerizing melodies - immediately appealing but substantial - the album is led off by "All the World Is," which unveils the full-length's autobiographical undertones: "It's hard to recover from a bad year/ Friends that were with us, are no longer near." Later, on "Someplace" he sings: "All this memory has gone out the window/ Like how to be a person in general/ Age is more than a number/ When you're as old as you feel."

The goal was to "sonically fuse" three albums, Paul Simon's eponymous 1972 album, Dion's Born to Be With You (produced by Phil Spector) and The Radio Dept.'s Clinging to a Scheme. "I wanted to combine chillwave with a more straightforward, honest approach," he says. "The album title How To Say Goodbye may seem clichéd," he goes on, "but I didn't want there to be a question of what I was singing about: How to say goodbye to youth, friendships, innocence, thinking you understand the world, all that in general."

How To Say Goodbye Tracklist:

01. All The World Is
02. It Makes Me Cry
03. Chameleons
04. Wanna Feel Good
05. Someplace
06. You Said You Were
07. February Ocean Breeze
08. Go To Sleep
09. A Hundred Miles Away
10. Sail Across My Eyes

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