Introducing The Fighting Spirit new Cooking Up! EP

Introducing The Fighting Spirit new Cooking Up! EP

Is organic a bad word?

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If you’re a vegan, The Fighting Spirit’s new Cooking Up EP is the soundtrack to your meat-sweat soaked dreams. The ones that wake you up hot, seething, salty and more than a little thirsty.

Listen // Fighting Spirit - 'Cooking Up'

The overall sounds are the kind Lee Perry could angrily bury in the sand for decades and dig out sounding filthy, with drums darkly warm, vibrant and still dripping with disdain. The sounds of 2-inch tape stealthily buried, secrets held, with some special voodoo power infusing the music from beyond the grave. The Fighting Spirit has always been here, it’s just taken some time to be unearthed. Stick that in your hippie pipe and get organic.

Is organic a bad word? If you’re talking about something you like right away, something that isn’t glam or loud or slutty or vile, that just stands on its own and can look you in the eye, then The Fighting Spirit has an organic sound.

Composed of tasty local ingredients, international sounds, drizzled with reverb, drenched in buttery bass, and topped with biting wit, TFS is an intoxicating meal that elicits a sharp hunger which rips you from your somnolent state into a hyper-present now.

This music is an angry pulse. It comes in waves and roils regions. Both personal and political songs energize listeners with taut, well-thought out rhymes, over a canvas of dubbed out space-jazz and rocksteady dancehall. It beats. It gets beat down and then it arises.


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