Still Remains reunite

Still Remains reunite

The band prepare new album

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Michigan metalheads Still Remains first shot to international acclaim with the 2005 release of their debut album Of Love And Lunacy via Roadrunner Records. A whirlwind of global touring followed - sold out headline tours, major support slots, and a myriad of festivals including the UK’s Download. For two years, the band’s feet barely touched the ground. Heading right back into the studio, Still Remains released second Roadrunner album The Serpent in August 2007, which though well-received, was a step in a sonically-different direction. The line-up changed, the gruelling tour schedule continued, and eventually life in a van took its toll on the band and in early 2008 they went their separate ways.

Watch // Still Remains - 'The Worst Is Yet To Come'

Fast forward three years - a couple of marriages, bands, jobs, and babies later - and the old members of Still Remains came to realise they missed making music together. Most of the band’s original members – singer TJ Miller, guitarist Jordan Whelan, guitarist/singer Mike Church, keyboardist Zach Roth, and drummer AJ Barrette - returned. Kenny Polidan of Anthem Alone stepped in on bass. A few jam sessions followed, the old chemistry was sparked, and with a burst of renewed enthusiasm, the band created two new songs, ‘Reading Lips’ and ‘Checkmate’. ‘Reading Lips’ was quietly self-released via iTunes in January 2011, and despite the band making no real fanfare about it, it quickly shot up the digital rock chart.

Since then, a revitalised Still Remains have been hard at work writing their as-yet-untitled 3rd full-length album, which they hope to release in August 2013.

Enthuses frontman TJ Miller:
“All the guys from our first record are back together in a room, hammering out the return to what people fell in love with on ‘Of Love And Lunacy’, but with a few twists!”
As for being out on the road again, the band are currently fitting in domestic gigs around their daily life and other commitments, but are hopeful to bring the live show overseas in the coming months. “We can’t wait to get on a stage and blow both the cobwebs and the roof off!” grins Miller. “Our first priority right now though is to get in the studio and get the new album recorded!”

Today, Still Remains have launched a Kickstarter page in order to fund the recording of album #3. Fans can pledge their support at: New Still Remains Record!! by Still Remains — Kickstarter or via New Still Remains Record!! by Still Remains — Kickstarter. Besides the album itself, up for grabs are such items as hand-written lyrics, exclusive merchandise designed by keyboardist Zach Roth, a signed guitar, drumsticks, and guitar plecs, a day in the studio hanging out with the band, or even your own Still Remains gig, as well as various other things. Every single pledge received will permit immediate access to a free download of new song ‘Checkmate’. This is an exclusive Kickstarter gift as the song will not be included on the new album. The curious can also hear the song streaming now on the band’s Kickstarter page. Be sure to watch the entertaining intro video from the band and read their latest update when you visit.

Wheels are in motion to release the record via licensing partners across the globe. “We made many friends on tour and we want to make sure everyone gets the chance to hear it, so we’re working on domestic and international licenses right now,” explains guitarist/singer Mike Church. Miller concludes, “Things are sounding great! The band vibe is better than it ever has been before. When our fans listen to this record, I want them to understand that nothing was forced; it has been a real group effort. We have all had a lot of fun writing and recording together again! We can’t wait to get it finished and share it with everyone.”

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