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When John Taglieri abruptly quit his lucrative day job in 2005 to become "a professional musician" people thought he was out of his mind. Literally. I mean, who quits a steady paycheck to play music for a living in the 21st Century, right? More than half a decade later Taglieri is having the last laugh because he's made it on his terms and his terms alone. It's not a spiteful laugh, though, more along the lines of "hey, let's head down to Florida and have a little party on the beach" type of chuckle.

Now, stealing a few chapters from the book of Jimmy Buffett for his new Ep, Southern Paradise, John has the beach party bit down to a science. Not that he's copping Jimmy musical style, mind you, just his "fun at all costs and always have a margarita in each hand" happy go lucky attitude. "On this record I wanted to do things differently. I have a great balance in my life right now, and it's lots of fun! This is my 11th release, I live in Key West, FL half the year and get to play music for a living…whats NOT to LOVE about that!??!" says John. Songs such as the title track talk about his own Southern Paradise and how life can be truly fun when you do what you love. 'When I Think About' (written with Nashville writer Bobby James) and 'Days of Night' (written by Sean Mormelo) all show a marked maturity and balance in Taglieri's material. This is his eleventh release overall and tenth of all new music.

Working with the up and coming Nashville based production team of Sean Mormelo and Mark Cohn of Illusionati Entertainment, and mastered by multi Grammy Award winning Richard Dodd (George Harrison, Keith Urban, Green Day, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty), the team has crafted a feel good record that sounds and feels like summer, no matter what your weather outside may be.
"Sean and I go back about 10 years as writers and touring acts. We've always wanted to work together and this seemed like the right time. His partner, Mark Cohn was on board from the start and we brought Richard in to master the tracks. I think we put an amazing team together and put out a great product both musically and sonically!"
, said Taglieri

Not only does 2013 bring John's new Ep to you, it also marks the year he reached the milestone of 20,000 sales. Starting with the release of Leap Of Faith in 1999 thru his Very Best Of collection from late 2012, and through relentless touring in the last 10 years, on March 8th, 2013, Taglieri went over 20,000 units and downloads sold as an indie artist running his own record label. Taglieri had this to say about it...
"I'm amazingly proud of this milestone. As a guy putting out my first CD in 1999 from a home studio, I never thought I'd have gotten this far, but here I am, and things are still moving better than ever. 20,000 is an amazing number to me and one that makes me proud of all the hard work its taken to get this far."
Watch for John's new Ep, Southern Paradise, coming on April 16,2013 and get ready to sit back and soak it in…and let it take you to your own personal Southern Paradise!

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