The Adversary Announce Debut EP 'Chapter One'

The Adversary Announce Debut EP 'Chapter One'

Record Release Show at NYC’s The Box on June 4th

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"I think in the process of creativity, you are often your own worst enemy,” says Andre Mistier, the mastermind behind the electronic band The Adversary about the meaning behind his band name. “To make something worthwhile involves getting past your own fears and insecurities. So I'm trying to be the adversary of the parts of me that get in the way of myself.” His debut Chapter One: The Ruins is a four-song EP that serves as the entry point to a world that exists within Andre’s mind. Set for release on June 4, 2013, Chapter One: The Ruins is the audio component to a much larger experience – one that encompasses both audio and the visual in a symbiotic fusion of music, video and performance.[/font][/color]

“We live in a world of human voices, bird chirps, pianos, cellphones, elevators and construction noises,” he explains. “I feel like to make music today you have to at least acknowledge the full range of sounds that exist in our world. So, I mix organic sounds, electronic sounds, and hybrid sounds (sounds that I make by taking organic sounds and running them through lots of electronic filters).” What Mistier has created is a thoroughly organic form of electronic music, borne from his appreciation of music composition as it is from his experience at the experimental and senses-bending festival Burning Man. “I was exploring a lot of things. I went to Burning Man last August and it affected my understanding of music, and the relationship between electronic stuff and live stuff and then—I got here.”

WATCH | The Adversary - De La Luna

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