Donovan Returns to Nashville with Shadows of Blue

Donovan Returns to Nashville with Shadows of Blue

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Iconic singer/songwriter Donovan, a 2012 inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and head of the musical wing of the meditation-based David Lynch Foundation, has produced a new album in Nashville entitled Shadows of Blue.

The album is a historic return for Donovan, whose career began in 1965 in Nashville when his first single, “Catch the Wind,” was released on Hickory Records and quickly rose to Number 3 on the pop charts.

Featured releases on Shadows of Blue include “Blue Jean Angel,” “Resurrect Your Love,” “To Love You,” “River of Ruin,” “Shadows of Blue,” “Rock & Roll Gypsy,” “The Loving of You,” “The Blame Game,” “The Harmonica Girl,” and “The Bungalow

Donovan describes the first single, “To Love You,” as a meditational ballad—“a love song that slows the heartbeat in preparation for meditation

Donovan started recording Shadows of Blue in September 2012 in the Treasure Isle Studios in Nashville, where he “waxed” a set of 14 songs. The prolific songwriter says he kept a set of broken-hearted ballads and outlaw songs for his Nashville return. Two more sessions in January and February 2013 completed the album. Donovan invited his friend and famed singer/songwriter John Sebastian to play harmonica on “The Harmonica GirlGreta Gaines, a Nashville recording artist, provided guest vocals for this track as well.

The album is available only by download at

Donovan has had 13 Top 40 hits, over 300 covers of his songs in many diverse genres and has written over 500 songs. He is a new member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a BMI “Ikon,” and has taught Mother Maybelle’s guitar picking to The Beatles legends John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. “Donovan is all over the White Album,” said George Harrison in the Beatles Anthology DVD.

Despite his decades-long record of high honors and groundbreaking success, Donovan counts as his greatest achievement meeting and marrying his muse Linda Lawrence. The love songs in his new Nashville album are a perfect testimony to that timeless truth.

You can follow Donovan's return to performing after his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by visiting his website

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