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Nine Inch Nails current live lineup to disband

Nine Inch Nails current live lineup to disband

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Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has revealed that the band's current line-up are set to go their separate ways now their current tour is over.

"You are getting the last show of the current incarnation of the band," says Reznor. "At this point, I want to switch things around a bit. I see other ways I can present Nine Inch Nails' material in concert. Something more challenging, something new. I don't want it to go stale."

Nine Inch Nails' current touring line-up - Reznor, drummer Josh Freese, guitarist Aaron North, bassist Jeordie White and keyboardist Alessandro Cortini - played their last show together in Honolulu on September 18.

"The idea of five guys playing loud music two hours, while it's the culmination of fine tuning over a lot of years, has got to change," he says. "I want to whittle things down."
Nine Inch Nails' forthcoming album Year Zero Remixed will be released later this year, although no firm release date has been set.

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