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Looking for New Members...Join The AltSounds Massive

It started with a feeling. The One. The reason you can’t sit still. Indefinable- yet completely undeniable. That rush in your bloodstream comes from Music. It will make you taller, take on the world, transcend the everyday and leave the world waiting in your wake.

Yours is the cause that should be championed. For too long the Music Press has congested itself with the weight of the mundane. But You have the spark, You have the opinion that matters and we want it to spread like wildfire…

The AltSounds Massive is growing stronger each day. We stand for Independent Music Journalism – For The People, By The People and we are constantly on the lookout for those with the fire inside to join our cause.

We’re looking for the innovators- Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers – all with that desire to push the envelope further than before. Your Passion is great music, and so is ours. We want You to be The Revolution.

If you have what it takes to get Your Voice out there, get in touch with one of our Editorial Team and become the latest Prospect ready to show the world what really counts.

Join The AltSounds Massive and set the Sonic Noisescape ablaze!

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