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In Case Of Fire - This Time We Stand [Single]

In Case Of Fire - This Time We Stand [Single]

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire October 20th, 2008.

The debut single from the Northern Irish rockers In Case of Fire is both refreshing and raging at the same time. 'This Time We Stand' features brilliant vocals from lead singer/guitarist Steve Robinson, and the drum riffs from Colin Robinson are near on superb!

The thing I like about this song, is that it hardly ever follows the typical 8-beat riffs that many rock songs do, particularly those that are debut singles. It is different, and this make In Case of Fire somewhat unique. Let's just hope In Case of Fire can continue this standard with future releases.

Being a reasonably unknown band, In Case of Fire are still playing at small venues, but with emphatic tracks like this one, it shouldn't be long before they're playing the bigger stages. Having recently supported Funeral For a Friend, In Case of Fire are also currently on their first headline tour. This shows how successful In Case of Fire have been in their early days, and it comes down to them creating songs like this.

The lyrics in this song are also very catchy and allow the listener to sing-a-long. "I am making fires now for you" is the most prominent lyric (that may be because of the link with the word fire) but it is sang well and makes the track memorable.

Overall, the song makes you feel fresh and almost makes you smile, which is good from a genre of music which is often pretty depressing. I would recommend going and buying this single to everyone.

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