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Britney Spears - Womanizer [Single]

Britney Spears - Womanizer [Single]


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Last Edited by: FRIDAE June 1st, 2009.

Is Britney back? I give props to Britney for still trying to be the entertainer; clearly people have this Britney obsession. After her immaculate choke at the 2007 MTV Video Awards, people are either praying for her to fall off a cliff or rise out of the ashes like a phoenix (In her case growing out of the baldness.) The latest single ‘Womanizer’ is the first off her new record “Circus” due to drop December 2nd 2008 the same day as her birthday, Britney’s pulling a Beyonce! I will review the LP just for ya’ll, you know all of you want to know.

Interested in hearing what her new material would sound like, her last LP ‘Blackout’ didn’t even grab my attention; it was better than some extreme garbage pop floating but still wasn’t worth my time or yours. When I heard ‘Womanizer’ I couldn’t help but think I’ve heard this before, indeed I have! Britney’s ‘Blackout’ album has a tune titled ‘Ooh Ooh Baby’ it has the exact same beat and melody as ‘Womanizer’ also twin to the Pink Panther theme song.

The tune was produced by up and coming Atlanta producers The Outsyders who did an alright job but if she really wanted recycled tunes why not hit up Max Martin for the rerun? The only differences in the tunes are the intros and slight variations in the vocal arrangements during the chorus and hook. The verses are pretty much doppelgangers, I am sure even a deaf person can hear the blatant similitude. The vocals are decent, contrived at times nothing too spectacular, of course there aren’t any Mariah runs but she’s never been a Mariah, more of a Madonna.

Lyrically speaking the most clever bit is “Lollipop, must mistake me of a sucker / To think that I would be a victim of another / Say it, play it how you want it / But no way, I'm never gonna fall for you, never you baby.” Plenty of repetition in the track, focusing more on the
hook and chorus until it has accomplished drilling the infection into your system. Candy coated rain drops this is pop, skimming the surface as to what a womanizer really is, no deeper meaning in the lyrics but this is Britney Spears we are talking about, you know ‘Baby One More Time’ and ‘Oops I Did it Again’ were so profound.

Is Britney back? Not at the moment, she’s still out to lunch. We’ll see what ‘Circus' brings and then decide because if they think this tune is the answer that will refresh her career, who lied to her and them? --
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